Masaryk University opened a page for prospective students on Facebook Added:3.2. 2011
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Masaryk University opened a page for prospective students on Facebook

The Facebook is all about today and January also officially Masaryk University. Study created a page on the MUNI, which appeals to applicants. Everyone can track the latest information on přijímačkách and applications, and that ending on 28 February. Students and candidates for study here are limited to participate in the competition for the most watched video on the topic: The reason to study at Masaryk University.

On the facebook page, there are a variety of news, photos and videos, but perhaps also a series of short films for the continuation of a student pursuing a mysterious story. Videos that flown on Facebook Masaryk University, with its own published works in addition can add anyone who joins the contest: Send us a reason to study at the Muni.

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Just place the video on YouTube and put a link to the facebook wall site Study on the MUNI. The winner will be no jury to decide, but the highest number of views the film footage. Time therefore has the benefit of those who put up a video soon. The contest will run until the end of March and the first three authors nesledovanějších videos await prizes such as iPod or music CDs.

** Masaryčka attracts more than Charles University ** Masaryk University to its modern approach to learning is becoming more interested in their future students. That everyone wants to go to study in Prague? There are few major stereotypes that do not correspond to reality. Masaryk University has long been imprinted in the consciousness of students as a great place to study and student life.

In its favor clearly seen from the figures. Just last year, applicants submitted a Bachelor's and Master's programs nenavazujících at Masaryk University, over 60 thousand applications. The number of applications received from applicants with Czech citizenship, Masaryk University by the Institute for Information in Education Charles University last year surpassed more than 5000. The admission process for the academic year 2011/2012 Masaryk University plans to take about the same number of applicants as last year, which is over 18,000 students.

** ** How to Apply Submit your entry at Masaryk University is not difficult. Just go to the website where the system will select candidates for the study area. When you complete the basic information, get a password and gain access to general manage all their electronic applications.

** Preparation for entrance exams – easily and for free ** The requirement for admission to seven of the nine faculties of Masaryk University is the successful completion of study abilities test (TSP). The candidates will consist of studies on the weekend of the 7th and 8 May. The exception is the Faculty of Medicine, where tests consist branch of biology, chemistry and physics, and the Faculty of Social Studies, where they form Scio entrance examination tests.

Test to study the assumptions everyone can easily prepare and free via the website at the University

Applicants will find all of the previous version of the test since 2003, including the correct answers. Then there is the so-called Interactive TSP, which allows you to try some of the recent variants of „live“ – ​​that is, time measurement and the calculation of assessments, including comparisons with the statistics of real tests from previous years. Who's not enough, you can also get away with free e-course that discusses the typical problems of individual subtests TSP and offers an explanation of good practice solutions.

Many other interesting information, such as an electronic version of the journal MUNI Extra comments and experiences of students at MU, a video depicting the life of the Masaryk University, reports the possibility of transport and catering in Glasgow, visit the website dedicated to people interested in study / admission.

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