Next year the competition named Young cover! Added:9.2. 2011
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Next year the competition named Young cover!

The theme of the competition Young Package 2011 ** ** ** this time is „Cover of the national product“ and the topic ** ** „The book as a cover for the words“ **.

While the first topic is more associated with industrial practice, ie is intended for the product or product group, either existing or fictional, the second category gives a different perspective on the book cover.

The entries in the category of the national product packaging will be accepted in two categories, namely university students and young designers under 30, and between the students of secondary and higher vocational schools. In the second category will be assessed all work together. Entries must be logged on to the Web container and Young posting ** 15 March 2011 **.

The full text of rules can be found on the website of the „Young Package 2011“:…/temata/a183.

Young Package Competition writes its history since 1996 and since then has built an international reputation and strong position among the competition for young designers. The year's jubilee year, bringing about substantial changes not only the visual appearance of competition, but the award presentation, which makes the new competition and other artists. They now have to satisfy only the condition of the maximum age of 30.

The competition proposals are received primarily from the plain and corrugated cardboard, which is widely used in packaging design. Young Package Competition is announced annually and was established and continues to function thanks to the initiative of Model Packaging, a Czech producer of packaging, which means it wants to promote young talent in the industry.

Source: website of the „Young cover“:

Author: Černá, Lucie

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