Price Josef Lux Added:12.2. 2011
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Price Josef Lux

Endowment Fund Josef Lux announced a competition for the Josef Lux ** 2011 **. The competition is open to students of all grades ** Master studies PhD ** who ** 30 June 2011 ** transfer the original research papers from the fields of history, political science and sociology in the range of 40–70 pages, related to the theme of the contest. ** This is the transformation of Czech society after 1989 and the development of democracy in today **.

The work shall be given in electronic form. Their content should relate primarily to issues of complexity of transition to democracy due to the formation of ethical, spiritual, social and economic rules and value criteria. They are paid such as the evolution of pluralist party system in the 90 of the last century and the progressive profile of the three basic policy directions, which became the ideological basis for a renewed democracy in our country. The work, however, may well address the issue of development of civil society in all its dimensions and the relationship between the civil sphere and politics. Topic may vary in dimensions from any social science discipline, whether political, social science, media, economic, legal or otherwise. Price Josef Lux will be accompanied by a contribution to the winners ** at CZK 50 000 **.

Endowment Fund Josef Lux announced this competition the first time in 2009. Its frequency is a biennial, so its second year accounted for just this year. For more information about the competition, including its terms and complete entry, click on the „“:…kce2011.html.

Source: „“:…kce2011.html

Author: Černá, Lucie

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