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Language exams in English: How do they make sense? Added:9.2. 2011
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Language exams in English: How do they make sense?

Knowledge of foreign languages ​​is now almost a standard item in the requirements that employers impose on their future employees. Among the „core“ languages ​​are mainly English. In many places, but it will not be enough merely verbal assurance that you are busy learning the language of the entire primary, secondary or high school and that he then bravely embraced. It requires some proof. And get this other than passing the language test …

English is one of the world's languages ​​and is therefore not surprising that it has become standard even in the labor market. Language test certificate but you can throw it while studying at college, sometimes (particularly in the humanities or economically oriented fields) is a composite language test level even to the successful completion of course or study. Despite the fact that you can not do it without even leaving abroad for work or study placement.

Odds === === Wide The current range of English language tests compared to other languages ​​is very rich and offers a wide range of knowledge levels. Their concept is generally based on European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​CEF (Council of Europe Framework) developed by the Council of Europe. Its aim was to set a uniform rating system for foreign language proficiency for all major European languages. The document also prescribes the form and content of language tests, learning materials and curricula. The basic level of knowledge (from easiest to hardest, after) the levels A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2, while the A1 test is intended for beginners, while C2 has the knowledge required almost at a native speaker. Certificate language exam may therefore receive the end of the course initially as a beginner, are routine and special tests for children or special courses (eg business English, legal, translation, interpreting, American, etc.).

Overview of tests === === In the Czech Republic are among the most famous of a series of tests ** ** Cambridge ESOL Examinations, which have become a global standard recognized by both the employers and the various grade schools and focus.

  • KET – Key Test Česky
  • PET – Preliminary Test Česky
  • FCE – First Certificate in Cesky
  • CAE – Advanced Certificate in Cesky
  • CPE – Certificate of Proficiency in Cesky
  • IELTS – International English Language Testing System
  • ICFE – International Certificate in Financial Česky
  • BEC Preliminary – The Business Certificate Preliminary Česky
  • BEC Vantage – The Business Certificate Vantage Česky
  • BEC Higher – The Business Higher Certificate Česky

The full list of tests and further information, please visit „www.cambridge­“:

In addition to these tests can not attend any of the courses organized by the British educational organization ** City & Guilds Qualifications **. Also, it issued certificates of City & Guilds is recognized around the world.

  • International ESOL Diploma

International ESOL *

  • International Spoken ESOL
  • Česky for Business Communications
  • ESOL for Young Learners
  • Spoken ESOL for Young Learners

The full list of tests and further information, please visit „www.cityandgu­“:

In the study of English, but you may encounter with so-called test TELC (** The European Language Certificates **), the organizer of the WBT (Weiterbildungs-Testsysteme GmbH). They do not currently offer more universities and colleges (eg lifelong learning).

  • Cesky TELC A1
  • Cesky TELC A2 / A2 Česky School
  • Cesky TELC A2-B1
  • Cesky TELC B1 B1 Česky Business / Česky B1 Hotel and Restaurant / Česky B1 School

Česky TELC B2 * / B2 Česky Business

  • Cesky TELC C1

The full list of tests and further information, please visit „­“:

Prospective study of American English would be a good choice of courses ETS ** ** Organization, which organizes the well-known tests including TOEFL and TOEIC.

  • BLIND – Secondary Level Proficiency Česky
  • TOEFL – Test of Cesky as a Foreign Language
  • TOEIC – Test of Cesky for International Communication

The full list of tests and further information, please visit „“:

We also organized the so-called ** ** State language exam, but their recognition is usually limited only to the Czech border, the official recognition abroad do not have yet.

  • A certificate of basic knowledge (B1)
  • State exam groups (B2)
  • State Language Exam General (C1)
  • State Language Exam special interpretation (C2)
  • State Language Exam special translation (C2)

For more information about the test, see sites such as language schools with state language exams City. City of Prague „“:

Another organization, providing a global force of their certificates, as the UK LCCIEB ** ** organization specializing in business English.

  • EFB – Preliminary – Česky for Business – Preliminary
  • EFB – First – Česky for Business – First
  • EFB – Second – Česky for Business – Second

EFB * – Third – Česky for Business – Third

  • EFB – Fourth – Česky for business – fourth
  • EFC – First – Česky for commerce – first
  • EFC – Second – Česky for commerce – Second

EFC * – Third – Česky for commerce – Third

The full list of tests and further information, please visit „“:…on-types.asp.

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Author: Černá, Lucie

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