New undergraduate courses at Masaryk University Added:7.2. 2011
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New undergraduate courses at Masaryk University

Masaryk University expanded range of degree courses in Bachelor degree programs.

Complete list of new and previously offered courses, including a brief summary of the study and graduate profiles may be found at: / admission ':

An example is a new multidisciplinary field of Social Science ** ** you may interested in the academic year 2011/2012 to study at the Faculty of Informatics. Students will learn the principles of creation and use of information technologies in the context of their social impact. They are addressing the problems that mass deployment of information technology has caused, and their influence on the structure and social aspects of society.

The interest in biological and biochemical fields and Science responded by opening a new field of study ** ** Biophysical Chemistry designed for students interested in understanding the physico-chemical regularities of natural phenomena and clarify their nature. For applicants who would like to have exercised in the future as teachers in secondary schools is determined by two-field study of biology and physics with a focus on education. A new degree program in Applied Mathematics is a field of study and modeling calculations ** **.

Faculty of Economics, opened in cooperation with the teaching faculty in economic policy-French for economic activity, which is an attractive combination of learning a foreign language and economic field.

Faculty also extended the opportunity to study some courses for teachers ** ** Training in the combined form of study.

The Faculty of Social Studies, a newly accredited degree in journalism **. ** The field is intended primarily for those who are already engaged in the practice of journalism, and now they want to supplement education.

The requirement for admission to seven of the nine faculties of Masaryk University is the successful completion of study abilities test, which candidates will take the weekend of the 7th and 8 May.

Older versions of tests, candidates may try to mock at „ / TSP“: The medical school is testing branch of biology, chemistry and physics. The Faculty of Social Studies to form Scio entrance examination tests.

Applications for study in Bachelor's and Master's degree programs take university until midnight 28th February 2011 electronic format only.

Source: Press Release Masaryk University

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