Competition Ampere - The Idea 2011 Added:5.2. 2011
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Competition Ampere - The Idea 2011

Company TERINVEST al. s ro announced on the occasion of the 19th International Fair of Electrical and Electronics Amper 2011 ** ** ** competition for best business idea in **.

Its aim is mainly to connect authors interesting business plan and potential investors. The competition that they want to respond to the fact that in the Czech Republic, this two-way communication lags far behind the average in other EU countries, even though the taste for business Czechs definitely missing.

If you are between you and those who wear the head in an interesting and viable business idea, but you can not, experience or finances to get ahead, then the competition is for you. The application may be sent to it ** up to 28 ** February 2011, at the address Played a very valuable not only price but also get the opportunity to sit at a table with major Czech investors and discuss with them about their business plan.

Participate in the competition can be a group, individual, natural or legal person, with ideas from the following disciplines: ** electrical, electronics, energy, automation, robotics, automotive electronics, measurement and control, security equipment, lighting, radio, telecommunications, IT, Internet and audiovideo **. The business idea is defined as a business plan in different stages of development. Submitted ideas are focused on the emergence of a new business or to produce a certain product and do business. None of the participating projects must be part of an already functioning business or stray production. The project may be in the prototype stage.

Results will be announced on the first day of Amper, 2011, which will take place from 29 3rd 1 4th 2011 Brno Exhibition Centre.

Detailed conditions and other information about the visit „“:…dea-2011.htm.

Source: „“:…dea-2011.htm

Author: Černá, Lucie

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