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Faculty of Mining and Geology VSB-TUO holds Open Day! Added:6.2. 2011
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Faculty of Mining and Geology VSB-TUO holds Open Day!

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On Wednesday 9 February 2011 organized by the Faculty of Mining and Geology VSB-TUO Open Day, which is mainly interested in studying at the faculty. The event will take place as usual in the areas of Geology, Professor Hall. F. Pošepný in Ostrava-Poruba, which is part of the university campus.

Open Day program is organized in two phases. The first starts at 10:00 pm, the second at 13.00. Applicants will be informed about the admission procedure and the possibilities of study at the Faculty of Mining and Geology. Student representatives are familiar with your potential classmates leisure opportunities and student activities. Finally, candidates will be able to inspect workplaces and laboratories of the faculty.

Last year, the HGF VSB-TUO received nearly 4,000 students, has traditionally been most interested in the environmental, economic and managerial-designed courses and the field of geoscience and lignite tourism. In contrast, the greatest demand from potential employers and companies from home and from abroad for graduates of geological and mining industries. „We offer the complete novelty of the Landscape Water Management Study,“ explained Dean for the Study of Vladimir Čablík.

The study of this field is focused on the study of natural and anthropogenic impacts on the hydrosphere and the individual components of the water cycle from the perspective of science and building disciplines. Students are acquainted with the problems of water resources, their vulnerability and protective measures. Field particular emphasis on the natural sciences because hydrosphere protection can not be separated from other components of the landscape and geographical spheres, which are targeted objects of geological, pedological, and geographical, including GIS. An integral part of the study subjects are building technical focus – water resources, soil mechanics and foundation engineering.

Entries in the electronic version may be interested in studying at the Faculty of Mining and Geology, VSB-TUO sent to 30 April 2011. The electronic application form and instructions are available on the web site at HGF

** Open Day Faculty of Mining and Geology, VSB-TUO support regional coordinator for the popularization of science and technology in the Region .**

Mgr. Tana Kantorková External Relations Manager Phone: 597 323 700 e.mail: @ tana.kantorko­va

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