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Cherubic and devilishly clever finalists came to Zlin! Added:6.2. 2011
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Cherubic and devilishly clever finalists came to Zlin!

Press news

Ten girls finals of Miss Academia CR 2011 graduated on Saturday 29 January 2011 the first joint training camp.

During the early morning, the girls from all over the country came together in Zlín, where they anxiously waited for the organizers of the competitions most university students, students of the Faculty of Multimedia Communications of Tomas Bata University in Zlín.

The finalists were first welcoming ceremony and introduction to the program concentration. There then they are already waiting for a future fashion designer from the Fashion Design Studio, the girls took them level and then makes a unique evening gowns. In these models, the finalists will perform at a gala evening on the 29th March 2011, which will be held at the Congress Centre in Zlín.

The next item on the agenda was shooting photos and filming profile portraits of finalists to be the backbone for a competition called the MISS ACADEMIA ČR 2011 ONLINE. It starts during the first week of February on the website "To vote for the most university students can join the general public. All important information will be accessible on the aforementioned website, "said project manager Mark Klos.

Saturday was the opportunity to occupy a dozen finalists to show his charm, charisma and intelligence. The girls had a chance to know each other better and also to familiarize with the implementation team competition. The ultimate vizáži they helped a team of experienced professionals who take care of hairstyles and makeup. ‚It was perfect. I looked forward to here, since I have several similar ut zaţila concentration. Every time it‘s a beautiful experience. The whole team was professional, hairdresser and vizáţistky were willing and sweet. UT can not wait to see beautiful clothes that we will be sewn, "she told an enthusiastic one of the finalists. In addition to the hard work of everyone involved and take away a lot of experiences, adventures and new friends.

We are looking for beauty contest to (the) mind.

For more information and / missacademia.

  • The competition MISS ACADEMIA ČR organized this year to go after the 15th students of the Faculty of Multimedia Communications of Tomas Bata in the subject Communication Agency. Addressing students of all universities and colleges throughout the Czech Republic. Its beginning dates back to 1997 when it was at the Gala Ball in Zlín Faculty of Technology, selected favorite student. Since The competition has undergone many changes, but its message remains the same. We do not seek artificial ideals of our time, but the girl, which indicates that the true meaning of the word is the charm of this beauty, charm and intelligence .*

For more information, visit or Facebook.

Contact: Jean Cvernová Manaţerka PR and spokesperson +420 736 283 496 +420 733 690 463

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