The Special Field: Forestry Added:11.2. 2011
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The Special Field: Forestry

Maybe he's taking a stroll through the woods not realize it but such a forest is not just a random clump of trees left to their fate. With a little exaggeration, one can say that it requires as much care as a garden in front of our house. Since, as the forest was a forest, its existence is dependent on man …

Experts in the care of the forest and its proper use in raising our two universities, namely the Czech Agricultural University in Prague, Mendel University in Brno. Graduates of Bachelor of their field of forestry graduates is not limited to the actual location in forestry, but with a broad approach to the field and gain general knowledge of forest management, hunting, conservation, environment and other areas. Both schools also offer the opportunity to continue studying undergraduate courses at the master's cycle, where the audience can already profiled according to their interests.

== Graduates

Graduates of bachelor degree study of forestry can be developed within the framework of public and private enterprises and firms implementing the field of forestry is a forest industry (Forests of the Czech Republic, sp Military Forests and Farms, enterprise, forestry services suppliers, Institute of Forest Management, and Office mensurational .). Eligible employers may also be relevant government authorities (for example, land offices, field offices, etc..) Administration of national parks and protected areas, homes and community organization of nature protection and environmental research organizations, professional schools, etc. Graduates of the bachelor degree program of study may be the fulfillment of Forestry Law of the conditions to obtain professional qualifications of the forest manager. Graduates of Bachelor of Forestry Mendel field may also obtain authorization, and then take a right and an economic activity as a chartered engineer and builder in buildings to carry out functions of forest under Act No 224/2003 Coll. as amended.


** Faculty of Forestry and Wood ** Degree Program: Forestry ** ** Field of Study: Forestry ** ** (Bc, 3 years, P / K)

== About the industry

Study Forestry provides versatile university education in forestry, global forestry, conservation, development, and cultivation of the sustainable use of forest and natural resources. All of this is seen not only in theory, but also significant from a technical point of view. Field also emphasizes to language learning that will enable graduates to succeed abroad. Besides the English and the students learn Spanish. The study is designed so that it covers all the areas related to lesohospodářstvím, whether it be biology, ecology, engineering disciplines and management of its socio-economic aspects.


The full-time study, students encounter the core subjects in addition to such subjects such as hydraulics, forest mechanization, Applied Statistics, Hunting, Forest Ecology, phytocoenology and typology, Forest soil science, entomology, forest extraction, soil mechanics, production forests, and many others. Moreover, in each year graduate students in several courses required field exercises and a practice.

== Exams

Applicants for the degree in Forestry in full-time study consists of written tests of mathematics and biology, applicants for study in the combined entrance examination form, only a written test in mathematics. Sample tests and more detailed information on admission procedures, see the „here“:…

Students can continue after graduation including the master's program in Forest Engineering ** ** where he graduated deepen and specifies the basic knowledge acquired in undergraduate studies.

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  • ** Mendel University in Brno **

** Forestry and Wood Technology ** Degree Program: Forestry ** ** Field of Study: Forestry ** ** (Bc, 3 years, P / K)

== About the industry

Bachelor students are primarily prepared for subsequent studies in the master study. Are preparing for the performance of professional functions in analytical, evaluation, implementation, administration and review activities at different levels of state enterprises and institutions in business and public sector.


Among the subjects in the bachelor degree is found, among other things Bioclimatology, Biomechanics of trees, subtropical and tropical Dendrology, Dendrometry and Statistics, Geodesy in forestry and land records, Hunting, Professional Language, Rehabilitation and tree preservation techniques and technologies in forestry, forest and Accessibility many others. The courses are compulsory exercises.

Admissions == == Applicants must complete the field of forestry management entrance of the subject mathematics and biology, both in written form. Further details about the admission process, including sample tests, see the „here“:…imaci-rizeni.

Students can continue after graduation including the master's program in Forest Engineering ** **, respectively. European Forestry **. **

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