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Newton College invites you to February's Open Days program, charged, or opening the door does not stop Added:7.2. 2011
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Newton College invites you to February's Open Days program, charged, or opening the door does not stop

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If you're thinking about studying managerial or economic field, then your attention will certainly not miss the Newton College Brno College of Business and Management, one of the best private universities in the country.

His reputation has earned thanks to the unique teaching methods, excellent teachers who give classes in their preferred tangible clarity, communication and experience before serving, boring information, motivation of students to the best results in the form of scholarships, high, very high standard language and personal grant access for all teachers and employees.

** If you want to taste what is hidden under the lid of this school, write notes to their date of 10th and 19 February, when the Newton College Open Days will take place .**

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What do you expect?

Open Days at NEWTON College offers a very tight schedule, so the school to have the opportunity to really know. On my own skin, you can enjoy the interactive teaching demonstrations and lectures, accompanied by students of NC you can see the background study, to obtain any information about studies, accommodation, learning and working abroad, work internships and extracurricular activities.

Complete program of 10th February Complete program of 19th February

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The Open Day is also possible to apply for graduate study and job interview, just to test, or without panties. Its aim is to test your knowledge, but to find the motivation to study and focus on the chosen field of study. The school representatives can also consult the tuition financing options.

PS: and remember to take it with you, parents, and whether they see that investing in education to Newton College is really worth!

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