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University of South will present the results of research in Egypt / Environmental Archaeology Conference Added:9.2. 2011
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University of South will present the results of research in Egypt / Environmental Archaeology Conference

Press news

On 9 – 10 2nd 2011 the Institute of Archaeology in Brno, vvi (Kralovopolska 147) will take place on 7 Environmental Archaeology Conference (DEA 2011). Interdisciplinary Research in the context of the archeology of modern science brings a new perspective on living conditions of our ancestors and the formation of habits of the current population.

On campus and meet with 100 experts in the fields of archeology, genetics, geology, botany and other science disciplines to present their latest research. Presentation topics will focus on such a record of human impact in lake sediments and flood, the use of geochemistry in the study of human remains, the interaction of humans and landscapes in prehistoric and medieval times, dynamics of the natural environment in our country, but also for example in the Mediterranean and North Africa.

The co-DEA 2011 addition of the Institute of Archaeology in Brno, Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Geology AS CR, Prague, Czech Geological Survey, University of South Bohemia in the Czech Budejovice (Science) and the Institute of Archaeology, ASCR event is financially supported by Olympus , Nikon and Beta analysts.

Jihočeští researchers from the Laboratory of Paleoecology Archaeobotany and will present very interesting results of the analysis of human settlement and the extinct glacial lakes in the Most Komořany, the structure of crops settlement bylanské culture at Černý Most in Prague and a remarkable collection of plants from medieval Moravian Litovel. For the first time in the Czech Republic will be presented a set of early modern crop of the Mediterranean origin of the Vladislav Hall at Prague Castle, where, for example, when Rudolph discovers a hundred years before the Vienna (archeobotanicky the first time in Europe!) Coffee. The meeting will be dominated by a number of contributions to Abusir royal necropolis in Egypt, which deliver a presentation of one of the oldest uses of precious cedar wood from third mastaba dynasty, or the identification of floral offerings from secondary burials of 1 Millennium BC from the area of ​​the mastaba Prince Verkaureho.

A number of scientific contributions will be published in the new international interdisciplinary journal archaeologic – Natural Sciences in Archaeology at the University of South issue is involved.

[* * A.jpg]

Mummies from the mastaba of AS 54 in the coffin of cedar wood (3rd dynasty, et al. R 2800 BC), one of the first examples of the use of precious wood in ancient Egypt. Photo by J. Benes, H, Vymazalová

[* * Aa.jpg]

The cover of the new international journal Environmental Archaeology.

[* * Aaaa.jpg]

Prague Castle: The film, dedicated the first of coffee on the Czech territory. Photo by J. Kosňovská

/ Notice: / / Ing. Jaromír Beneš, Ph.D., Head LAPE, FS USB /

^ OVV, August 2, 2011

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