With Fulbrightovým scholarship to study in the U.S. Added:16.2. 2011
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With Fulbrightovým scholarship to study in the U.S.

If you're a student or graduate college, you have at least a bachelor's degree and you would be attracted to stay in the United States, you might be interested to obtain government scholarships offered by the JW Fulbright Commission. This scholarship is awarded for one academic year and covers return airfare, health insurance, living expenses and tuition fees for up to 18 000 CZK. Applications for stays on the year 2012/2013 shall be submitted by 1 September this year. In the U.S. you can use this program to complete their entire degree program and get a degree from a foreign university, or to limit their stay to one-year internship. The scholarship may also apply if you want to take advantage of your stay abroad for writing their thesis.

„Each year the Fulbright Program will support ten to fifteen students, and given that they usually receive approximately forty-quality applications, a good student with a clear intent substantial chance of success,“ says the director of the Fulbright Commission Hana Ripkova.

Program is open to students or graduates of all disciplines except clinical medicine and master of business administration. A prerequisite for success are good study results, the Czech citizenship and permanent residence in the Czech language exam in English „TOEFL“: http://www.ets.org/toefl with a score of at least 80 and possibly a test study assumptions of „GRE“: http : / / www.fulbright.cz / tests / gre.shtml (Graduate Record Examination, a test required for admission to many American universities). A preference will also be students in the U.S. have never studied the long term.

All information about the program, including registration, visit „www.fulbright.cz“: http://www.fulbright.cz. Your questions can also be directed to the Programme Officer Andrea Semancovou the phone 222 718 452 or e-mail semancova@fulbright.cz.

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