Modernized, the University of Pardubice and VSB-Technical University of Ostrava Added:14.2. 2011
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Modernized, the University of Pardubice and VSB-Technical University of Ostrava

„University of Pardubice“: begins implementing two major projects funded by the European Union. The first is the construction of teaching and research center in nearby Doubravice transport in Pardubice, which will serve the needs „of Jan Perner Transport Faculty“:, the second large-scale reconstruction of the oldest and historically the cultural heritage university buildings. The aim of reconstruction should be creating the conditions for the development of modern information-technology skills of young researchers and advanced information infrastructure and IT facilities for research.

"PhD students and young researchers are our key scholarly potential for future European knowledge society. Newly constructed centers are preparing for their work and provide adequate modern and motivating environment, "said President of the University of Pardubice, Professor Miroslav Ludwig.

University of Pardubice is the only one that is growing. Already in mid-February will begin construction of a new building of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at „VSB-Technical University of Ostrava“: The decision to grant to construct a new building took seventh February at the Ministry of Education schools chancellor, Professor Ivo Vondrak.

Number of students since the founding faculty in 1991 increased four fold and the lack of space has limited further development and research activities of faculty. VSB-Technical University of Ostrava's aim is to respond to the needs of the region, which could be transformed from a center of mining, metallurgy and heavy engineering toward modern technology.

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Author: Wurmová, Nela

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