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I want to study in the U.S.: how? Added:14.2. 2011
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I want to study in the U.S.: how?

A rich country full of possibilities, a prestigious university, friendly relations between students and teachers, generous scholarships, a different lifestyle – and you can eat your „American Dream“ to study the ocean? We will.

Would you like medium or high?

As a student you can travel to the U.S. in high school. In America they are called highschool ** ** and can usually go for one academic year (10 months) are possible as well as shorter programs. The condition is age between 15 and 18.5 years. Agencies often provide this accommodation with housing in host families. The program of high school in America then divided into ** ** undergraduate (BA) and ** ** postgraduate (Master's or doctorate). In principle, it is always easier to have the choice of school to advise the agency experienced ** ** that may make some important steps for you. Write to study in the U.S. is not at all a simple process. The admission process, language tests, certificates from doctors and teachers, continual filling out forms, contact the embassy and the host family or a university – the individual steps may vary according to the study program, but the agency will significantly help prokousávání with bureaucratic requirements, although a little pay more. You can choose from a wide range of agencies to stay in U.S. public schools provide, inter alia, „Student Agency“:…i/index.html " Cool Agent „:,"; World Experience ":…ience/,"; CCI – Events Cool ": http://www . / and others. But of course you can hunt by themselves. In such cases, you will most probably ** ** Boarding School (Boarding School), which provide financial assistance and housing in the area schools. You can read more ‚here‘:…sa-a114.html. In the case of higher education, the situation is similar. With a choice of universities and scholarships can help you "Fulbright Commission“: or „EducationUSA“:, which brings together counseling centers supported by the U.S. State Department. Another option is a program ISEP „ISEP“: support for trainees, for example, or self-seeking through „House of International Services at the Ministry of Education“: or "Center for International Studies ": at MU, where you will find many rare and special offers scholarship programs once offered.

Visa: yes or no?

It is true that since 2008, citizens of the Czech Republic does not necessarily apply for a visa to the U.S., but the subject property is called a biometric passport and travel only for 90 days for business or tourist purposes. As a student you will therefore have a bit more complicated: they take a biometric passport, complete the application in „ESTA“ https: / / / esta / esta.html? _flowExecutionKey = _cA53A373B-E803–9145-CF65 -CDAE6F204603_k2­2986648–244C-3AB7-AEE9–0BC47FF835AD (the Czech version) and then you still have an interview at the airport, which may also decide that the United States have not left. Students who are interested in long-term study in the U.S. (a year or more) require a visa F1 ‚F1‘: for short-term study abroad is preferable J1 „J1“:

How much will it cost

In most cases, you no longer have to pay a filing ** ** (amounts vary) and the Agency for mediation and assistance with forms. Please note that filing and the purchase of tickets (recommended buy to let up for when you eat a visa) costs do not end there. Rather the opposite. After successfully walk through the process, you still pay much more. The prestigious American universities, the cost can reach up to several hundred thousand a year. Therefore, these schools often offer scholarships ** ** to be received – if you ever admitted to – but often have a number of conditions (especially to evaluate the extent to which the profile is an interesting candidate for the university). Read in detail such as „here“:…le-a301.html. Financial assistance can also work on campus, sports scholarship, summer job, or you can go to any Czech Foundation (VISION 97 Hlávkuv Foundation).

Going for his American dream

What is still needed

A large part of American universities may require you to ** ** reference letter (Letter of Recommendation), which should draw some of your teachers and unbiased way to capture your study skills and personal qualities. This letter is usually filled in a special form, and the American side pays much attention to him. How do I get such a letter, please read „this link“:…tu-a194.html. If you want to go on internship or research stay, you may need to write a compelling cover letter ** ** (cover letter) in English that captures your strengths and experience and will complement your CV. Find out what phrases are most commonly used and how it should be noted. Inspiration can be found such as „here“:…ne-a110.html. Most colleges require that applicants should consist of tests ** ** English TOEFL (Test of Cesky as a Foreign Language) with a minimum of 500 points, or. Tests GRE, GMAT, SAT, LAST, IELTS, ACT, FCE or other. It is good to find this information as soon as possible, because some tests can be taken a few times a year.

Other useful information === === „Studying in the USA“: Advice on how to choose the right school forum with valuable personal experience of the Czech students. „On the experienced“: Advice on how to write a cover letter to get a scholarship or a letter of recommendation.

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** Resources ** „Studying in the USA“: „On the experienced“: „The American Center in Prague“: „The U.S. Embassy in Prague“:

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