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Hong Kong: the study of the beaches and skyscrapers Added:25.2. 2011
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Hong Kong: the study of the beaches and skyscrapers

Last semester I spent at the University of Hong Kong. Because it's exotic, but that is more accessible than it may seem, I share the following article for tips on how to exchange programs in Hong Kong to get and what you study in this mysterious city expected.

When I was deciding where to go study in Hong Kong offered several advantages. From work and from school, I had some friends there, and because it is a former British colony, I assumed a relatively simple communication in English. Moreover, should go on my first trip to Asia, so I was attracted to its relatively western atmosphere, which I naively thought, would not go up to such a shock.

Preliminary formalities ==== ==== Admission was pretty easy for Asian universities in our country after all be less interested than the U.S.. I gave you the „Center for International Studies ‚: Masaryk University application form (which includes, inter alia, cover letter and a language certificate) for exchange programs to“ partner universities‘: http://czs.muni .cz / en / out / students / study-abroad / grants-in-part. Once shortlisted, I participated in the oral interview, in which judges expressed particular concern about my motivation to study in Hong Kong, about my work and study experience and financial security. That's because even though the host exchange students pay tuition universities generally, not a scholarship from the Ministry of Education – in my case, 40 000 CZK per semester – to cover all costs.

[* Panorama.jpg. (Panorama.jpg)>]

Embarrassed first impression ==== ==== Wished me luck and, together with two other female students of the Faculty of Social Studies, we went to the Middle Kingdom. At first glance, just remember: terrible heat, the very concrete, skyscrapers and heavy smog. Frankly, I wished that I had in Asia nezajela first to test only a few weeks, and not straight for half a year. The following month, but everything changed, and Hong Kong, I left excited and full of experiences.

==== Metropolis full of contrasts

I really enjoyed living so close to the sea, in his free time with friends we went to the beach, and when cooled, and hiking the surrounding hills and national parks. I enjoyed the bizarre stametrovými differences between the skyscrapers and small fishing villages at the foot of the contrasts between the snobbish boutiques and kiosks with free fried fish. Thanks to the excellent geographic location of Hong Kong during the semester, I managed to visit China twice and after the tests spend more than a month traveling around Southeast Asia. But the city itself offered many interesting corners, remote islands, colorful marketplaces, and exotic restaurants that many people in it could be bored. On the contrary, its speed and different from European cities were often to be exhaustive.

[* DSC-7171re.jpg. (On the campus, near the canteen and dormitory)>] *** * On the campus, near the canteen and dormitory *

Hong Kong Baptist University

As far as the school was for me to study at the „Hong Kong Baptist University“: bit disappointing. The courses were quite practically oriented, but many interesting subjects for foreign students concluded, others are in reality very diverged syllabus and sometimes the language barrier problem. On the contrary, should be teaching Mandarin (Chinese general) for foreigners, however, took place at an excellent level. Emphasis is generally placed mainly on group work and public presentation, seminar paper had rather an essay.

Around as to Mirko Dušína

Living on the track appeared to be the simplest and cheapest option at the same time, so I reached for it like. Apartments tend to be spatially restricted Hong Kong and even my tiny room does not exceed a few square meters. But it was all I needed: the basic furniture, refrigerator and air conditioning. Relatively difficult to track me getting used to the constant control. Already at the entrance we had to „beep“ of our identity card, we measured the temperature of the thermal image camera and recorded us on video. Each floor had its patron saint, which are supposed to help with any problems, but we went to check regularly clean room (!). Because it was a Baptist school, college was a lot of things forbidden, including any alcohol, cigarettes or more than just a friendly visit.

[* DSC-3915re.jpg. (S Bowie, my roommate)>] * *** S Bowie, my roommate *

Playful Student Life ==== ==== Related to this is the way most local students enjoyed – a very popular activity in the various clubs, like dance or photography, playing board games (hide and seek, card games or mime) and cooking together. We exchange students, rather we went together to discover the city, various museums and galleries, as well as shops and nightlife. When we teach something, take off with local students, it was mostly a public dinner.

Although my stay in Hong Kong quite as academically enriched, looked into me at that time completely unknown culture, and tried to think what it's like working in it as a journalist. And I am very grateful.

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