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Poll: what do students think about Czech number of Slovaks in our schools? Added:18.2. 2011
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Poll: what do students think about Czech number of Slovaks in our schools?

Studying at Czech universities, more and more foreign students. More than two-thirds of them are Slovaks, Czech Republic, who can study under the same conditions as Czechs. What do you think the Czech students?

To study the Slovaks in the Czech Republic is relatively simple – do not take the examination in the Czech language study or for pay, you just need to pass the entrance exam. The Czech school is reported due to their higher level and better prospects for use after graduation. Three years ago we were at more than 320 000 students, of which more than 24 000 students were from abroad. In most cases, just from Slovakia.

The management of schools or teachers, and between the Czech and Slovak student sees no difference. They receive the best, regardless of where they are. Intergovernmental Agreement of 2001 also allows the Slovaks to use their mother tongue as the entrance examination, and during the study.

We asked students from different schools across the Czech Republic, what about the number of Slovaks in our minds. Most of the Slovaks does not bother them, or their presence with us right welcome.

** What do you think about the number of Slovaks in Czech schools? **

  • Iva Krušinová, Masaryk University, Department of readership in the French language: *

I do not mind at all, I think it's just good. For me this relationship, what with the Czechs and Slovaks always had, a little dying, gradually starting to leave and take them as foreigners, and I think it's a shame. So I am for, whether they are here with us.

  • Jean Rymer, Charles University, Department of Biochemistry *

There's too much. I do not think it's so bad, I usually get only the really smart, so they are extremely competitive, which may motivate more Czechs – they are not here yet manage to study well. Moreover, in our field are the ones most comfortable people.

  • Peter Havlicek, University of Technology, majoring in Industrial Design *

In Pilsen there were too few, too few in Glasgow. I do not mind – I'd gone to study in developed countries had taken me there.

  • Barbara Telátníková, Charles University, majoring in Economic Theory: *

Slovaks in Czech schools does not bother me, I have many friends among them.

  • Iva Bernard, Masaryk University, Department of Computer Science: *

I do not think there would be too much of Slovaks. I do not notice them to much. But I do not mind – because it's from Slovakia are all quite far „better“ Czech universities think that the study only those who support it are really interested, and in my opinion should not prevent people from receiving a quality education, While on the stand.

  • George Kalousek, and College Conservatory of Jaroslav Jezek, Study Guitar – Rock: *

Also with us Slovaks, and I would say that there is just right, neither little nor too much. And no I do not mind, not in general.

  • Luke Kubart, West Moravian College, majoring in Marketing and Management *

The Trebic ZMVŠ not resolve this problem too … but otherwise I find that there is enough přeslovákováno, which bothers me a bit. On the other hand, the Slovaks are well mate.

  • Michael Fučíková, University of Hradec Kralove, Department of Tourism Management *

We have only one branch in Slovakia, which is not much. And though they feel there could be more, whether it's a bit of „international,“ if so can you speak about Slovaks …

  • Catherine Kusáková, Masaryk University, majoring in Journalism and Media Studies: *

There's plenty! But we like them.

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