Competition for students of selected universities in Moravia. The game is 56 thousand! Added:15.2. 2011
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Competition for students of selected universities in Moravia. The game is 56 thousand!

** More than 20 ** February 2011 can apply all students VŠB-Technical University of Ostrava (VSB-TUO), University of Ostrava, Silesian University Business School and in competition with the title Grab your career. This year will be held for the second time.

The organizer of the contest is VSB-TUO. Of all students registered in it will be finally selected twenty, who organizers will subsequently divided into five four-member teams. Whether students were entered into the contest chosen to learn two weeks before the competition starts. But even then they will know exactly with whom they work in teams, as well as not even know the task that, given the diverse interests of students in the team's purpose. The purpose of the competition will eventually develop the best solution to the challenge that their seventh March at 9 am entering the evaluation committee.

Within each team will be assigned one representative from each of the four high schools. Everyone will be accommodated in the dormitories where they have facilities for work and to ensure food and drink. Transfer the results of the second day, then, the 8th March at 9am, and then presented before the board in the auditorium of the Technical University of Ostrava. 9th March will hold the same presentation to the conference participants Jobs Plus, which will be the announcement of results and prizes. The winning team finally gets 32,000 crowns, the second 16 and third crowns 8000.

The high schools in the Region is now emerging mascot action, which gives out fliers with information about the competition. Catch a career is part of the Jobs Plus. It is organized by VSB-TUO comprising a second job fair in the Region and the first professional conference.

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