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Tips for an interesting contest and student projects 2011 Added:21.2. 2011
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Tips for an interesting contest and student projects 2011

Study at secondary or high school and you are sorry that your excellent knowledge and skills so you can show just for tests and písemkách, but the walls of the school, nobody else know? And have you ever thought that you were involved in some of the competitions and educational projects, which organizes various research, educational and government institutions or private companies? The following list will offer a few tips on where such actions look.

Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports

Who: ** pupils and students of primary, secondary and high schools ** When: throughout the year ** **

Ministry of Education sponsored a series of competitions and projects for pupils and students of all types of schools and educational level. They regularly publishes on its website (possibly also in the section designated as „medium“:…dni-skolstvi or „high“:…avani/vysoke Education-schools).

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National Institute of Children and Youth

Who: ** Primary and secondary schools ** When: throughout the year ** **

National Institute of Children and Youth (NIDM) is a professional equipment of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MoEYS) and its purpose is primarily state support and protection of youth. It focuses primarily on education and leisure activities of educational institutions in the same area, provides methodological and organizational support to work with children and youth, organizing training of teachers and many other activities. During NIDM also organizes a range of competitions for primary and secondary schools (as industry-Olympics projects in Europe as ** ** a school or a literary contest ** Daniel **, secondary professional activity (see below), etc..). Under the act NIDM ** National Resource Center for Youth Czech ** and ** ** National Youth Agency, which provides us with the activities of a European training program Youth in Action ** **.

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SOC – High school vocational activities

Who: ** ** secondary school pupils When: February-June ** 2011 **

School scientific activity is a competition designed especially talented high school students and its main aim is to address competition issues in 18 technical disciplines. Most take place in three rounds in the form of competition shows, where contestants work their advocate. Competitions are announced by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports and are guaranteed by the National Institute for Children and Youth. Their aim, in particular, to encourage talented students in independent and creative approach to solving technical problems in various disciplines. The competition is open to students daily high school graduation (exceptionally even elementary school) in any of the famous courses. The most successful investigators are often chosen to participate in the analogous competitions held internationally. The school shows will take place in February and ** March 2011 ** ** April ** in the regional rounds will follow in May ** ** ** Regional and ** June will show nationwide.

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Imagine Cup 2011 == ==

Who: ** students over 16 years ** When: ** October 2010 – July 2011 **

If you are a fan of modern technologies and developing new applications, then the student competition of the Imagine Cup 2011 is for you. Organized by Microsoft, along with many partners, among which there are also some of our colleges and universities. Partial competition held at the Imagine Cup is aimed at different directions of technological developments in new media. Currently, the competition is implemented in the following areas: software design, embedded Development, Game Design, Digital Media and IT Challenge.

More information: „msdn.microsof­“: „www.imaginecup­.com“:

Center for student activities of the Czech Space Office

[* Logocso-Type1–200ob.jpg. (Source logo: <], *** * (Logo: *

Who: ** pupils and students of primary, secondary and high schools ** When: throughout the year ** **

Center for Student Activities (CSA) is a subsidiary organization of the Czech Space Office and is aimed primarily search and motivate „the greatest talents of contemporary youth to study science subjects related with space, space technology and space science.“ The activities of the CSA is addressed both to students of primary and secondary schools and university students and the general public. For all these groups in the Center organizes various training courses, competitions, summer schools and internships. The website of the Centre will also find useful, inter alia, an overview of related projects and educational activities organized by the „Czech university workplace“:…tni-projekty.

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Week of Science and Technology

[* Acc.png-292024015.jpg. (Logo: <], *** * (Logo:­ *

Who: ** ** secondary school pupils When: November 2011 ** ** (yet unspecified)

Week of Science and Technology (TVT) is the largest science festival held in the Czech Republic. Organized by the Academy of Sciences (ASCR), namely the Department of Media and Communication Centre of marketing activities, Academy of Sciences, and this year should take place has its 11th year. TVT is intended for the general public and especially high school students, who receive a fair opportunity to familiarize themselves with the activities of various laboratories and libraries and can identify where and how to carry out scientific research. Last year in his organization participated in 49 research institutes of the ASCR and 26 other partners of the event sites, which together have prepared a variety of tours, lectures, exhibitions and discussion evenings. In addition to the actual week of science and technology programs, and also a number of CR popularizing the actions, which include a lecture series ** ** Feel free to science designed primarily high school students. CR professionals in the framework seeks to introduce students in a comprehensible form interesting research topics of the Czech science, whether in terms of biology, chemistry, biochemistry, medicine, physics or even science.

More information: ":…

== Open Science

Who: ** ** secondary school pupils When: throughout the year ** **

Open Science Project seeks to engage talented high school students in research activities. It operates under the Operational Programme Education for Competitiveness, support 2.3, co-financed from the state budget and European Social Fund. While the initial part of the program focused primarily on high school students exclusively from Prague, is currently going round the other hand, focuses only on commuter students. The target group are taking, particularly those who are interested in science and technical subjects and want to participate under the guidance of an experienced teacher research internships at research institutes of the Academy of Sciences and research institutes cooperating high schools throughout the Czech Republic. Internships will run until January 2012. The current, fourth round for entries ends ** 1 March 2011 **.

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[* F-24.jpg. (Source logo: FI MU) <], *** * (Logo: FI MU) *

INTERSOB or Interdisciplinary Contest in Brno is a fun and informative one-day competition dedicated high school students. They come not only in her ability to look behind the scenes of the Masaryk University in Brno, but they can also test their skills in many areas, make an interesting trip to Glasgow, and last but not least, I can also measure your strength with other teams. The competition is open to two-to four-member group of students from secondary schools across the country. This year will be held for the fifth year, applications may be submitted to the 22nd ** March 2011 **. The actual contest will take place 26th ** March 2011 **. Organiser is the Faculty of Informatics Masaryk University in Brno.

More information:­ ":…b/2011/rules

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