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Prof. Ing. Zdenek Brandl, PhD., Appointed Emeritus Professor University of South Bohemia Added:14.2. 2011
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Prof. Ing. Zdenek Brandl, PhD., Appointed Emeritus Professor University of South Bohemia

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At the ninth session of the Scientific Council of the University of South Bohemia, 10 February 2011 appointed rector of the university professor. Mgr. Vaclav Buzek, CSc., Prof. Ing. Zdenek Brandl, PhD., Emeritus Professor University of South Bohemia.

** The nomination brought JU Faculty Merit for past and current activities of prof. Z. Brandl for the faculty and the entire university .**

** Professor. Ing. Zdenek Brandl, PhD .**, is a specialist in ecology and limnology. His publications mostly in international journals to great acclaim throughout the world are cited in international magazines and textbooks. His main contribution to internationally accepted scientific studies, the results of production and feeding relationships in plankton, particularly the influence of planktonic crustaceans in aquatic ecosystems of shallow lakes and reservoirs.

Abroad, he repeatedly at the University of Waterloo (Canada, Ontario) and was regularly called upon to participate as a lecturer in postgraduate courses UNESCO in Austria (Mondsee, Limnological Institute, Austrian Academy of Sciences). After studies (biology, Hydrobiology specialization) at Charles University in Prague, Professor Brandl began in 1963 as a researcher at the Academy of Sciences. After moving, he moved to the institutes of the Czech Budejovice.

Since 1989 actively engaged in preparations for establishing the University of South Bohemia in the Czech Budejovice and the Faculty of Biology (now the Faculty of Science). In 1998 he qualified in the field of ecology, in 2003 he was appointed professor for the industry.

For the University of South Bohemia, and worked as assistant dean and then dean of JU BF. He is currently a Vice USB for study.

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