In Brno, will discuss the role of researchers and university teachers Added:16.2. 2011
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In Brno, will discuss the role of researchers and university teachers

Informal University Students Association invites ** 22nd 1921 February ** ** discussion on „vs. scientist. ?“**. teacher Discussions will be held at 17:30 hours at the Philosophical Faculty of Masaryk University „Building J:…ers/maps/563 and“ Room 21 ": http://gisweb.muni. com / room.html? up to scale = 250 & number = 1 & code = BVA08N02002.

The discussion will address the conflict of roles a university teacher and researcher in the changing environment of Czech universities. In the discussion, the organizers plan to affect the quality of teaching, communication, relationships between student and teacher and finally valuing the individual roles. He is invited, and anyone who is not currently happening at Czech universities indifferent.

Guests will be discussion of Head of Department of Commercial Law at the Law Faculty of Masaryk University ** Professor. Mgr. Joseph Bejček, ** Department of Sociology and Professor and former Dean of the Faculty of Social Studies ** Professor. Mgr. One is allowed, PhD **.

The discussion is part of the cycle ** Role of Universities in the 21st Century **. Pilot discussions on the topic „What is the role of universities in the 21st Century?“ held on the eve of celebrations of International Students.

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