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POLL: What are the costs of a student? Added:16.2. 2011
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POLL: What are the costs of a student?

„What are your study costs? How much money do you give for lodging, meals, transportation, textbooks, and entertainment? And to what extent you are subsidizing parents, and how much they're paying everything myself?“ The questions we asked several students from different cities. How to respond?

  • What are the costs of current student learning? May often vary surprisingly. Since the cost of housing in different cities across the need to buy expensive textbooks to cover the actual study. We asked several students how much it costs a month's study. Due to the sensitivity of information, their desire to put a name .*

** Peter P. (Studies in Zlin) ** Overall, it works out to about 5000 crowns per month. I live thirty kilometers from school, so I live at home and four lectures a week commute, transport me it comes out to 768 crowns per month. The textbooks give 800 crowns each semester for fun CZK 200 per night. My parents pay transportation and lodging, textbooks and have fun paying for itself.

** Lucy K. (Studies in Brno) ** As a PhD student and I have a scholarship because I have a good department, I work part time. My parents, I have not subsidizing a lot of time at all. For accommodation I give 3500 crowns a month for meals around 2000, šalinkarta me for three months in 1280 and it is 1000 crowns a month for gasoline. Textbooks can not buy, because everything I need on the Internet. And for fun I'll give the 2000 a month, including sports and parties :-)

** David B. (Studies in Ostrava) ** Accommodation me comes out monthly to 2600 crowns, transport to 1000 crowns. Monthly cost is thus about 5000 crowns, and my parents will cover accommodation and the rest of the amount we pay to itself the Brigades.

. <> * *** Where all that money disappearing every month? *

** Mr Maros (studying in Manchester) ** There are no records of their expenses can not. I get money almost exclusively from the mother or the grandparents, and on an irregular basis. It's hard for me to say how much I spend, but about an idea I have, so: perhaps Projím 2600 propiju crowns and 500 crowns. Monthly housing costs me 2,400 crowns, Transport 1200 (going back one hundred kilometers from Olomouc to test the theater and sometimes even in Slovakia, where I moved). Textbooks not buy much, most I rent, but sometimes enough to copy, so I may be worth 100 crowns per month. Entertainment? Now I feel that for me there is no fun, but there are periods when I get on stage and once a week, I guess it is 100 crowns per month.

** Lucy N. (studying in Prague) ** In college I pay about 2600 crowns. The food in the canteen, either I go or I cook, I think I spend so around 3000–3500 per month. The service will give about 1000, I go home once a fortnight. And CZK 750 per stop for three months. The textbooks do not do almost anything. And for fun, when it depends on how and maybe CZK 2,000 on average. Some got their money, but the ones paying most of the things that are extra, so you could say that I am fully sponsored by their parents.

** Cathy K. (Studies in Brno) ** For accommodation I give 2300 crowns, including the Internet, for travel to Brno and I give 300 per month, but it's just a guess, sometimes I come home more often, sometimes not. Transport in Glasgow is 1,500 crowns per year. Textbooks zero zero nothing. Meals and 2500 per month 1500 per month and fun, well, I admit that I do not know much. My parents sponsored entirely. Except when I have some some random job.

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