A new undergraduate course at the Faculty of Arts - an application to the end of April! Added:18.2. 2011
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A new undergraduate course at the Faculty of Arts - an application to the end of April!

Faculty of Arts University in addition to academic year 2011/2012 announced a new name with a Bachelor degree in History and Culture ** eastern Mediterranean in ancient times **. This is a full-time study in an accredited degree program ** **. Historical Sciences

In its contents the study focused primarily on Egypt and Syropalestiny. Graduates gain a good knowledge of selected developmental stages of the ancient Egyptian language (ie, classical and Coptic Egyptian and Akkadian for the Syropalestiny) and will be able to read and interpret texts in these languages. Another pillar of the industry are also lectures on the history of the Eastern Mediterranean during the third thous. BC to the beginning of the 1 thous. AD In a further specialization, the students will gain thorough knowledge of selected industries and klínopisu Egyptology, with particular emphasis on history and the evolution of language and material and spiritual culture.

** ** Exams to study this area consist of written and oral. The written test consists of ancient history and cultural studies of Eastern Mediterranean (today's Egypt, Libya, Israel, Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey). The oral part is then examined with particular interest in candidates in the study area, also is involved discussion of the submitted list of literature studied here, and last but not least, candidates must demonstrate at least a passive knowledge of two foreign languages ​​of their choice (to choose from English, German, French, Russian, Italian and Spanish).

For more information, visit the „Faculty of Arts“: http://www.ff.cuni.cz/FF-8024.html.

Source: „www.ff.cuni.cz“: http://www.ff.cuni.cz/FF-8024.html

Author: Černá, Lucie

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