Is looking for talented Czech and Slovak gymnazisté Added:24.2. 2011
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Is looking for talented Czech and Slovak gymnazisté

American Fund and the Center for Talented ** Youth launches program for young talents ** designed for students of Czech and Slovak schools.

The program begins to compete for participation in summer camps in the United States. The condition is excellent knowledge of English and excellent results in mathematics and natural sciences. After the filing is necessary to write two-page essay in English. Around thirty best will be invited for interviews and about ten of them will be nominated in April to gain scholarships, whose costs are covered by U.S. fund.

Applications must be submitted by 21 ** March 2011 **. Summer camp dates are from 26 June 15 July and from 17 July 5th August.

Summer camps are held at 25 U.S. universities and offer a three-week intensive study program focusing on a particular topic. The program is designed for exceptionally talented students from around the world, giving them the opportunity to participate in challenging academic work with their peers as they share their skills. For the Czech and Slovak students should participate also useful for considering options for university study.

** Center for Talented Youth ** is a nonprofit organization that is part of Johns Hopkins University. Since 1979, CTY focus on highly gifted students and prepares them for challenging and motivating learning programs and services.

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