Donate blood to the rector UP Added:18.2. 2011
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Donate blood to the rector UP

Charity events promoting voluntary blood donation called "Donate Blood in Rector UP ** Academic triggered days of Palacky University in 2011 **.

During these waiting for students in addition to cultural program also have access to the university background and influence it. Going on-line chat with the rector, who will answer questions about the university, and installation of large-scale areas in the Central Library, which will be able to write opinions and comments about happenings around the school. Rarity of the race of students and university employees in the course of the tenth floor of the residence hall on Šmeralově Vaclavka Frederick Street. They will compete in the men's and women's category, the first three places in each category will receive attractive prizes.

Detailed Academic Program days Palacky University in Olomouc you can see on the website of the university „journal“:…-v-olomouci/.

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