The economic newspaper published the current ranking of universities Added:19.2. 2011
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The economic newspaper published the current ranking of universities

Economic news in early February for the fourth time ranking of Czech public universities in selected fields. These became law, science, medicine, engineering, architecture, sociology, psychology and chemistry. Articles comparing the possibility of studying the various disciplines are to be read as „special“:…mavym-zmenam Economia-running newspaper.

For example, schools are judged by experts in the field of view, the percentage of accepted applicants or the ability to go on a traineeship abroad. The author charts, however, stresses that this assessment does not give anyone unambiguous view of where to apply. „It's just one of the possible clues. If we had a different methodology may be completely different order of schools,“ says John Machalkova on-line chat Economia newspaper.

"If I had somehow not generalize, in the first place ranking schools appear to do good science, offer students a chance at a decent trip abroad and fail to take each and every – přijímaky pass here is not easy, which to some extent reflects the prestige faculty. this just may be in our criteria, which may be final year students of secondary schools is important, "explains the choice of benchmarks Machálková.

Further details on the compilation of rankings can be found in a chat with the author of „here“:…/c1-49860450.

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