The Special Field: Psychology Added:23.2. 2011
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The Special Field: Psychology

Psychology is a discipline with many faces and is therefore not surprising that it in the Czech university system found in several different faculties. Under the same name field is often not fully conceal the same study plans – as they navigate?

Psychology is particularly suitable for those candidates who are often afraid of hard work, are empathetic and are suited for it, put yourself in difficult life situations of others. However, they must reckon with the fact that during the study will also bring in items from areas other than psychology (eg ethics, antropolgií, sociology, etc.) or articles on logic and mathematics, which are especially important for the proper conduct of research and evaluation. An integral part of the study are also mandatory practice. Most of our courses offered at the same time is an essential prerequisite for the subsequent possibility of obtaining so-called European Certificate in Psychology (for more information about this certificate, click on the „“:

== Faculty of Arts

** Faculty of Palacky University in Olomouc ** Field of Study: Psychology ** ** (Bc, P / K, 3 years; NMgr., K, 2 years)

** Faculty of Arts, University of Ostrava ** Field of Study: Psychology ** ** (Bc, P; three years – two-field time – only in combination with pedagogy)

The Bachelor's first cycle, students learn the knowledge of psychology, propedeutics and applied disciplines. Included are also articles focusing on the anatomy, neuropsychology, sociology, cultural anthropology, ethics, etc., are gradually included also courses focusing on methodology, theory and applied psychology and special disciplines. Graduates gain expertise in various sub-disciplines of psychology, both in terms of their history and theory, are able to organize and evaluate research using quantitative methods and qualitative methodology. They also gain a thorough knowledge of nepsychologických disciplines (ethics, sociology, philosophy, cultural anthropology, etc.).. Postgraduate studies at the UP already includes articles dealing with special border and psychological disciplines (general psychotherapy, marriage and family counseling, sexual psychology, psychological assessment special issue, addictology, neuropsychology, special methods and techniques of research, mental hygiene, personnel management, management, marketing, psychology and personnel selection, managerial psychology, connoisseurship in the psychology, etc.).

Graduates === === Graduates of bachelor degree studies applied to various assistant positions, such as psychologists, educators, special educators, etc., as well as in specialized social services and educational institutions. Redeem may as educators, specialist, technical assistants in research, etc., but they can work on separate professional positions. Graduates of the master composite program can no longer work as psychologists in health care, social institutions, government, prisons, schools, etc.

== Faculty of Education

** Faculty of Charles University ** Field of Study: Psychology ** ** (Bc, P, 3 years; NMgr., P, 2 years)

** Faculty of Education University of South Bohemia in the Czech Budejovice ** Field of Study: Psychology ** ** (Bc, P, 3 years) Field of Study: Art Therapy ** ** (Bc, C, 3 years)

** Faculty of the University of West ** Field of Study: Psychology ** Education ** (Bc, P, 3 years) Field of Study: Psychology Teacher ** Secondary ** (NMgr., P, 2 years)

Psychology for educators are primarily focused on individual and group work with youth in the field of psychological counseling, whether it happens in schools, or in a variety of educational and counseling and educational facilities. The study includes not only the subjects of psychology, but also the general and special education, need to be able to graduate can work with youth. Included is as general, developmental, social, educational and clinical psychology or psychology and pedagogy, then the theory of special education, Psychopedics, emotional disturbances, tyflopedie, surdopedy, speech therapy, etc. Somatopedics study but also educates its audience research methodologies in the above-mentioned areas.

Graduates === === Graduates of undergraduate courses are usually applied to assistant and support positions (such as psychologists, educators and teachers). They can also work as personal assistants of disabled people or as a specialist in primary and secondary schools (mainstream and special), counseling centers, social care institutions, orphanages, shelters, in institutions for addiction treatment in local government and state institutions, foundations and non-profit organizations, employment offices, etc. The master fields are then profiled for independent work, vocational psychologist, particularly in education, upbringing and education (school psychologist, counseling psychologist, etc.). Redeem but may also in healthcare and specialty facilities, particularly those intended for children and youth. A somewhat different approach to the study of psychology offers a Bachelor degree in a combined form called Art Therapy **. ** Only printed by the University of South Bohemia. The study of this field is next to educators, psychologists, physicians, social workers and artists also intended for high school graduates who want to work in these professions. The study is a practical training in art therapy studio, simulating a form similar to the therapeutic community. Graduates can then take team and individual therapy, educational and artistic activities in all educational establishments where arte-specific procedures to help create an atmosphere of openness and communicativeness.

== Social science faculty

** Faculty of Social Studies ** Field of Study: Psychology ** ** (Bc, P –time and two-field studies, 3 years) Study: ** ** Psychotherapeutic Studies (Bc, C, 3 years)

Given the overall focus of Faculty of Social Studies is a field of psychology focused on areas of social psychology (applied and theoretical) psychology and counseling. Students can personalize such as psychology, organization and management in health psychology, the psychology of children, youth and families in special areas of general psychology and methodology of psychology. Bachelor's degree in addition to the basic concepts of contemporary psychology and its disciplines study focuses on personal development, communication skills, self-reflection on professional help to people in need. The master's degree studies at FSS MU can also study the related field of study **. ** Psychotherapeutic To study this field may apply for a minimum of bachelor degree graduates from psychology, social pedagogy, psychosocial studies, social work, social work counseling, prevention and rehabilitation, social pathology, nursing, addictology and other humanities, social and socio-medical disciplines. The basic content of the field consists of the transfer of knowledge from different fields of psychotherapy (history, theory, different approaches applied in psychotherapy, research and methodology, etc.).

Graduates === === Graduates of Bachelor of Psychology Faculty of Social Studies to apply for example in public and private sector, social care, government, charities, foundations, human resources, advertising, public relations, etc. Graduates of master's studies are more specialized (eg part of the study are lectures deepening students' knowledge in the field of psychological assessment, clinical psychology, psychotherapy, etc.) and by offering courses and practice to be more profile in the chosen discipline, whether in the field of psychological practice, or chosen theoretical orientation. Graduates ** ** Psychotherapeutic Studies in applied professions, which is based on psychotherapy or social therapy or highly qualified consultant to work with people.

To find the currently offered courses of study in psychology use our „search fields of study“:…ogramu-oboru.

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