Literary competition for high school students: "Freedom of speech - Yesterday and Today" Added:25.2. 2011
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Literary competition for high school students: "Freedom of speech - Yesterday and Today"

** Czech Radio ** and ** Faculty of Charles University, Prague ** declare a literary contest for all high school students. The arrangement was to celebrate sixty years have passed since the first broadcast of Radio Free Europe. This is the first time we came out of Munich in May 1951.

The mission of the competitions is to motivate students to write essays on the topic ** „Freedom of speech – Yesterday and Today“ **. The topic refers mainly to the need to continually reflect on and continually particularly care for the maintenance of freedom and democracy, especially in light of experience with the totalitarian regime ruling in the 20 century.

The competition jury will sit Mgr. James Jirsa, Ph.D., Assoc. Mgr. Petr Pithart, Mgr. Lubos Merhaut, PhD., Mgr. Efim Fistein and Jiri Stransky, who select the ten best works. Their authors will receive prizes, but also an invitation to explore the current headquarters of Radio Free Europe, an offer to attend the International Conference on Radio Free Europe 1951–2011, which take place on 5 May 2011 the Senate of the Czech Republic, and tickets to the gala concert of the Czech Radio Symphony Orchestra in the Wallenstein Garden in the evening the same day.

The deadline for submission of competition entries is the 31st ** March 2011 **. Entries must be sent to the Czech Radio, 12, 120 99 Prague 2 in an envelope marked „Competition Freely“. Text is also possible to send electronically to the address message with the subject „contest free!“. Expected range of essays is 7 to 15 pages.

For more information and complete contest rules are available on the „Prague Radio“:…prava/849828.

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Author: Černá, Lucie

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