Newton College students free advice on how to properly teach Added:21.2. 2011
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Newton College students free advice on how to properly teach

College of Business and Management College, Newton, invites high school students who are preparing for graduation, the interactive workshop ** How to effectively learn **. Under the guidance of an experienced specialist to learn how to increase the efficiency of learning how to train memory, learning how to relax, how to select from a large number of curriculum material and other useful hints and tips. Some of the techniques to be tested and training directly to the seminar.

Dates of lectures, which will take place on school premises in Brno Rasinovo 2, Tuesdays 15th and 22 March and Thursday, the 24th March is always in the evening.

Participation is free, but the capacity of participants in the seminar is limited. Determines the order of registration. It is necessary to send an email application with the name and requested date. The subject of the email states "LEARN HOW TO EFFECTIVELY.

More information is available „here“:…ro-maturanty.

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