Both Ostrava colleges probably merge Added:22.2. 2011
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Both Ostrava colleges probably merge

Ostrava University (OSU) and the VSB – Technical University of Ostrava (VSB-TUO) waiting until the 2014 merger. Following reports of ongoing negotiations, this step confirmed the position of the server Czech Rector of VSB-TUO Ivo Vondrak, Jiri Močkoř from OSU and the Deputy Minister for Research and Education Schools John Koucky.

The reason for the planned changes in the financing of universities. The merger of two universities in Ostrava create a research university, which had for money from the state easier to achieve less than two separate schools. With 35 thousand students want to compete with the merged Charles University and Masaryk University.

The Region is in addition to two public universities located in Ostrava, Silesian University Opava still a private business college in Ostrava.

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