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Student Competition Adcampetion campaigns for your city ' Added:21.2. 2011
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Student Competition Adcampetion campaigns for your city '

Press news

Centre to promote marketing education and announces student competition on the occasion of the international conference dedicated to marketing and promoting tourism AdCamp 2011th The conference will take place on 12 and 13 April 2011 in Zlín.

The subject of competition is directly related to the main theme of the Conference of the place as a brand. The life of the town and villages, often negatively impacting various social problems. One of the most important issues that regularly deals with City Hall, the leisure time of youth.

This is connected with the competition theme for 2011: Protect children from the rigors of CITY. The participants are to handle the creative solution to this social problem, cities, municipalities and regions V4 marketing campaigns.

The content of the entry should be an analysis of problems relating to youth in the city, evaluate options, design ideas, campaigns and then the suggestions how media coverage.

Campaign Themes:

  • Take care of their free time
  • Think about their health and safety
  • Talk to them about their problems
  • Teach them how to behave

The competition is designed for two-person teams of students from all Visegrad countries. Estimated scope of work is 2×10 pages A4. Condition for the supply of labor in the native language and also English translation. Evaluation of the competition jury made up of experts in marketing communications.

The three best teams will be invited to the conference AdCamp 2011 takes a short personal presentation of their projects. The conference will also be declared the best team that wins a weekend spa getaway for two people.

Projects can be sent in an electronic document (. Ppt, pdf) by e-mail: or mail to: CPMV os, Jaroslav Nemcova Lorencova 3791, 76001 Zlin, no later than March 15, 2011.

More information and exact requirements of the entry are available at / contest


AdCamp is an international conference, which is provided through lectures and workshops led by world-renowned professionals a comprehensive overview of trends in tourism and provides the inspiration for the new tourist season. The conference is a meeting place for people who make decisions about tourism development in regional and national level, providers of tourism services, Tourist and marketing experts from the fields of place branding, marketing, architecture, gastronomy, sociology and strategic planning. WHAT IS CPMV?

Marketing education support center, axes (CPMV) is an association founded for the purpose of exchanging experience in marketing communications. My attention is directed to different segments of the market for commercial and public sector and voluntary sector. CPMV brings together practitioners who have extensive professional experience. With these figures provides a comprehensive association of educational programs and events in the area of ​​marketing communications with an emphasis on sharing experience taught through case studies.


Mgr. Jaroslav Nemcova Project Manager AdCampu 2011 +420603160594

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