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Summer photo competition about 6.000 CZK Added:21.2. 2011
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Summer photo competition about 6.000 CZK

Press news

College of Business and Management College, Newton declares for all playful, creative and enterprising students holiday contest for 6,000 CZK.

Spring break is in full swing, someone hits the warm regions, others into the snowy heights of the mountains, some go to granny or remain faithful to the faith the city, everything is right and nothing you in this competition nehendikepuje. Just download the picture I love NC and incorporate them into your holiday photos, then put it on Facebook and get the NC raised the most inches. Original image can easily get inspired and only message that contains the picture you portray on her own creativity has no limits: snow, sand, people … nothing is forbidden.

Winner will receive 3,000 CZK, 2000 CZK second and third with the most thumbs up to CZK 1,000.

Image I love NC light background download here Figure I love the dark background of NC Download here

[* * Ncnc.jpg]

Contest rules:

  1. A competitor takes the photo, which will be incorporated in a picture with the words I love NC, where the communication will be a creative rendition of the photo in another way.
  2. insert a photo to Facebook Newton College in Brno.
  3. The deadline is on Monday 28 March 2011 9.00. Until then, users of Facebook applications to promote the best photos of „Like.“
  4. The winners are those contestants whose photos will be closing at the time the largest number of upraised inches („Like“).
  5. Price for 1 place in the competition is 3.000 CZK per second instead of CZK 2,000 and 3rd instead of CZK 1,000.
  6. In the event that any of the top three places more than one competitor (the competitor has the same number of inches), decides to turn the contest organizer.
  7. The contest organizer also reserves the right to cancel the contest if the total number of pictures will be less competitive than a decade and the total number of unique voters less than fifty.
  8. The Promoter reserves the right to remove photos from the competition with inappropriate, offensive or nation, race, religion and ethnic group in derogatory content.
  9. The competitor is responsible for ensuring that competition is a photograph of his work.
  10. A list of winners will be published by 1 4th 2011 Web site Facebook and Newton College.
  11. Winners will receive prizes in person by visiting Newton College at Rašínova 2, Brno. When you pick up the prize, competitors must prove their identity and authorship of the winning photograph (such as submission of the original).
  12. The competition is organized by NEWTON College, as a registered office in Prague, Political prisoners, 10, IR 27,081,869th

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