Career Days 2011: Get your career! Added:26.2. 2011
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Career Days 2011: Get your career!

Since 19 this year, the managers held a meeting of Czech and foreign companies of all students and graduates. The event, which bears the name ** ** Career Days is to help students further their professional development. You can look forward to professional training focusing on personal development, mock interviews, company presentations and panel discussions. The organizer of the event is by AIESEC.

Visitors will have the possibility of such a unique individual consultations with representatives of individual companies, it is recommended to pre-study company profiles, formally dressed and remember to bring your resume. It is also interesting to note that those interested in visiting this event again to 50% discount on return tickets for Czech Railways' transportation to the event.

This year will be held at the Diplomat Hotel in Prague on May 2nd ** and 3 March 2011 **. Conditions of registration, reports from last year and further details, see the „here“:….

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