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Experts on the quality of food given to the quality of education VFU Brno Added:23.2. 2011
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Experts on the quality of food given to the quality of education VFU Brno

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Few people can say with confidence that he knows exactly what he was. Preparing food is now a complex science, as well as control of quality and wholesomeness.

Experts on health aspects of food safety and hygiene is preparing Faculty of Veterinary Hygiene and Ecology (FVHE) Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences Brno (Brno, VFU), which in this academic year, launched a new project to upgrade teaching. The project will be newly equipped lab will improve the teaching and practical exercises will be added and internships.

The project is three years, was launched this academic year and runs under the Operational Programme Education for Competitiveness. „During the three year duration of the project will involve nearly 3,000 students, improved and innovative study, however, remains even after the project – equipment, materials and new methods are no longer remain, moreover, will continually evaluated and adjusted according to feedback from graduates,“ said Assoc. Bohuslav Tremlová, FVHE vice-dean and researcher for the project.

In the first year of the project are mainly acquired new machines and equipment for teaching laboratories for microbiological, chemical, physical and microscopic methods. Will be gradually introduced to teaching other news – the demand for greater association between study and practice will satisfy the more practical training in laboratories, pilot plants and workshops, food processing plants. Students will be better able to practice their skills and increase their ability to apply theoretical knowledge. More space also gets the project and study the problem, which is closer to the way in which graduates will work in their jobs. Elective courses will be added, there will be new teaching aids and support up being the e-learning. „After completion of the project will be completed by our quality experts, who find jobs in Europe,“ said Bohuslav Tremlová

The project partner is the State Veterinary Administration of the Czech Republic, which is a central state authority in the supervision of safety of raw materials and foodstuffs of animal origin. The partnership makes sense, now we have experts from government sit in the exam committee of the faculty and students often go to practice in this institution. Indeed, many of them with the State Veterinary Administration becomes the employer.

Faculty of Veterinary Hygiene and Ecology is already a unique educational and research center for the veterinary hygiene of foodstuffs in the Czech Republic, this is the only health-oriented educational institutions in Europe and are valid for a recognized institution.

Author: tiskove, zpravy

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