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The interest of Czech universities in cooperation with EU partner countries is growing Added:23.2. 2011
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The interest of Czech universities in cooperation with EU partner countries is growing

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Czech universities are more interested in promoting the modernization of higher education in EU partner countries in Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Western Balkans and the Mediterranean Sea. The recent calls by the European program Tempus, which form the Inter-University Cooperation supports our high Schools involved with more proposals than in 2010.

The basic principle of Tempus projects is that several higher education institutions from EU Member States assists the partner countries involved in the implementation higher education reforms. Particularly important role for the transfer of experience and direct cooperation between universities, which can take different forms, assistance in upgrading the curriculum across the board for the improvement of university management to assistance in developing relationships with businesses.

A recent call Tempus European Commission received 531 proposals new projects in 51 of them figure in the Czech University as a coordinator or project partner. Compared to last year, a 16% increase in our participation universities. Despite recent events in the southern region of the Mediterranean Sea did not a significant decline in participation of the countries, at universities in Egypt was in contrast reported 6% growth in participation. The results of the evaluation made by Tempus projects The European Commission published in July 2011.

Tempus is the beginning of 90 has helped open the Czech universities way to cooperation with Western universities, currently celebrating its 20th birthday. On this occasion at the end of March 2011 annual conference held in Serbian capital Belgrade, attended by the Czech representative in the European Commission, Stephen Füle, EU Commissioner for Enlargement and Neighbourhood Policy.

More information: / Tempus Contact: Theresa Babková / tereza.babkova @ / 221850602

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