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Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Veterinary University in Brno today announced a major change in curriculum - up to 4 years, we would include in its field among the top in Europe Added:24.2. 2011
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Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Veterinary University in Brno today announced a major change in curriculum - up to 4 years, we would include in its field among the top in Europe

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This morning, after hearing Dean's order of priority and management announced FVL VFU Brno fundamental change in curriculum and structure of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. Faculty wants to defend in 2014 demanding international evaluation (international quality assessment of teaching), by which he will be among the most prestigious veterinary colleges in Europe.

Curriculum (degree program) Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Veterinary University in Brno, the evaluation will be assessed against the curriculum of the best European countries. If he wants to succeed must make three major changes:

1st ** ** Veterinary Studies ** Strengthening of practical training and focus mainly on teaching skills ** veterinarian, especially in the last semester of study. In Europe, the development of medicine, dogs, cats, exotic and other companion animals and horses, so this trend to strengthen teaching, and the ** internal medicine, surgery and orthopedics, obstetrics, imaging, etc. ** ** Another trend is enhancing differentiation in teaching **, ** ie addition of a solid program of study ** ** ** optional board as a future career interests of students.

2nd ** Research ** International monitors the implementation of evaluation ** Faculty of Veterinary Research **, including research being carried out in collaboration with students. In recent years, the faculty supported a pivotal clinical research on livestock. For a successful evaluation will be needed to support research ** also in other clinics and other departments of the Faculty **. The research is important in helping faculty involvement in the project, Central Institute of Technology CEITEC and training cooperation with the International Clinical Research Centre FNUSA – by the ICRC.

3rd ** The organizational changes and modernization of technological space and teaching facilities ** For the next period will be from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine ** made significant organizational changes, which concentrated financial, equipment and human resources into larger units, **, and thus creates the preconditions for its successful international assessment. The first March 2011 will be on the faculty of the inauguration of newly elected heads of department ** and ** institutes restructured workplaces, who will work to meet important criteria required for an international evaluation. This concept fits well in the last year ** newly renovated building for the department of clinical disease ** the most advanced European level. It has a base for cutting-edge clinical research ** ** in collaboration with human medicine aimed at seeking compensation organs and tissues using stem cells and nanotechnology.

International faculty position also assists its action ** dean prof. DVM. Alois Necas, Ph.D., MBA, ** at the highest body of the European Association of Veterinary faculties (EAEVE) and as president of the Central Association of Veterinary faculties.

  • "In recent days, still talking about the quality of Czech universities and their international competitiveness. After completion of intensive evaluation by the new standards passed the first veterinary colleges in Western Europe, such as Science in Helsinki, the veterinary education at our university, comparable to the tip, thereby enhancing the prestige of the whole university, "says * ** Professor. DVM. Vladimir Vecerek, PhD., MBA, Rector VFU Brno **.

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