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Students of the Technical University of Ostrava about their study abroad Added:2.3. 2011
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Students of the Technical University of Ostrava about their study abroad

„Who can handle teaching language testing, it may not study abroad concern,“ coincide with the graduates of Faculty of Economics, Technical University of Ostrava. What is their experience of learning in Greece, Korea, England and Finland?

In this academic year, foreign graduate teaching at universities in Europe and Asia, around eighty students of this faculty. Three adventurers who have completed internships just came back to share with you their experiences.

[* Kuceja.jpg. (Kuceja.jpg)>] ** In Finland, the emphasis is on practice: Vaclav Kučeja, 3 year bachelor's degree in Marketing and Sales ** In the Finnish town of Jyvaskyla University, I spent a summer semester. Personally, I study a Scandinavian system suit. Who successfully pass language tests, Faculty of Economics, which are for foreign study trip to the mandatory stay, do not be afraid of lectures in English. The local university does not have to „cram“ absurd quantum theory as in the Czech Republic, the emphasis is more on practice and lectures often lead interesting people and go on various excursions.

In addition to training at the University of Finland, I took a lot of experiences and the ways in which fascinated me especially the northern part of Finland – Lapland. Travel and entertainment, I have paid from their own resources and from money sent to me by parents. Erasmus came to me every month, 488 Euros, which I covered a trip to Finland, the cost of housing, public transport and partly as food. Generally speaking, the very modest student grants will cover all costs associated with their study period in Finland.

[* Neuvrirth.jpg>] ** Protipólné study in Greece and Korea: Gabriel Neuvirtová, 2 year master's degree in National Economy **

Study abroad has attracted me since the first of what I, Faculty of Economics Technical University of Ostrava, started to educate, but to the Greek city of Ioannina University, I resolved to go up three years later. This re-consider your biggest mistake, because it is best to leave it in the second year, using the maximum number of study abroad opportunities. Luckily I managed to go again and the first semester of this academic year I spent in Seoul.

Both educational visits are a great asset for me. I not only improved the English, but I also learned the basics and controlled by a few Greek phrases, as well as Korean. In addition, I found friends from all over the world. Study in Greece and South Korea, together with a large cultural difference and completely different cuisine was like to know two different worlds. Every day I looked forward to taste the new thing, indeed, where else can experience the canteen, where we prepare the soup in individual bowls directly on the fire, and it floats a piece of crab! And we must not forget the other experiences such as fitness in nature, which damage the vandals spray and nerozeberou scrap. During their stay in Greece will attract historic sights at every turn and you will see even those you have not visited the classic tour, of course, but Korea is proud of its history.

Visit the two countries was for me a great opportunity to educate both the academic and cultural.

[* Tomas.jpg>] ** After studying in England I do not have „homework“ problem: Plesník Thomas, 2 year master's degree in Eurospráva ** I just returned from a five-month study period in Finland, two years ago I attended in addition one semester at the University of Huddersfield, UK. The volume of the curriculum in the Czech Republic is much larger than in Finland, but also than in England. On the other hand, the university professors huddersfieldské rigorously evaluated for seminars and lectures on their most demanded compulsory attendance. Also put great emphasis on self-study and treatment of various essays and research papers, while some topics were theoretical as well as in the Czech Republic.

My biggest learning experience was the subject of Investment and Portfolio Management in England. Actually it was the investment game, where we have throughout the term of virtual money to invest, but adhering to the current state of financial markets. Our teacher played the broker and received from the student financial guidance. He was a man who worked for thirty years as an investment adviser in the bank.

Study abroad definitely gave me more insight, I know other cultures, students from across Europe to improve my English. In addition, abroad, I gained a psychological resistance, because to live in England for me, sometimes not quite the lightest. As for expertise, England has taught me above all the creation of seminar work, so now with the writing I have no problem.

Source: University press release

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