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Portugal: Erasmus University, inspired by JK Rowling Added:16.3. 2011
Updated:18.3. 2011
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Portugal: Erasmus University, inspired by JK Rowling

Port wine, fado, but also students in robes and gavel banging his head. This is Portugal, as we know Pantůčková Sarka (22). The Portuguese Studies at the Philosophical Faculty of Masaryk University for one semester she traveled to Porto.

„Studying Portuguese certainly was not my childhood dream,“ Sarka laughs and admits that the study of Portuguese at the Masaryk University, got a bit blind to the violin. "I always wanted to learn Norwegian. On the day I opened the cabinet apart Norwegian Portuguese Cabinet has also appeared and there out of curiosity peeked. There was a department head Fatima, invited me to his very funny and told the Czech language, how great is the study of Portuguese. I was excited about it and said to myself, so what, you still feel those three hundred per application in addition to pay more, "says Sarka. And only after the first few hours to find out what it is that Portuguese is, without knowing that the two years it completely fails …

** What were your first impressions of the Portuguese language? **

Surprisingly sounded like Spanish, but rather as Hungarian. She came to me a lot of funny with all the šišláním. And on the first page of a textbook, I learned that it's complicated Romance language. That's what I need, I laughed to herself. Especially when I wrote in Portuguese, in addition to a further two schools. But his decision to study Portuguese regret, learn to rejoice with me all these were men, the action people and I could spend a study by six months in Porto.

** As preparations were made to study in Portugal? **

The funniest was very tender. On one of the grammar of seminars in the first semester, I wrote a test from the grammar. Then we did the Portuguese know how to say than „Hi, I'm Sarka, I have a cat my cat is cute, her name is Lisa.“ Well, when we test the Fatima said, let whoever wants to go on Erasmus to Portugal, do cross into the corner. So I did. As it happened, that all what your problem křížkovali migrated. And the one who wrote the best time, priority could choose where to go. I finally left for the fourth semester and during the examination, I thought hold on, hold on, let you in Porto! And I'm glad I survived only in the language of Portugal, I did fall, I began devouring their accent, literature, poetry …

** How is life expensive in Portugal, there can qualify with a scholarship? **

It is a low standard of living there and cheap. Although I've traveled a lot, but I forgave it, no problem I do with three hundred euros, which gave me the Brno Centre for International Studies at the moon.

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  • This picture is for me the bridge that connects the Old Port located on a hill with Vila Nova de Gaia. Ironically, the famous Port wine is originally from Vila Nova de Gaia, and not from the port. "*

** How to study in Portugal differs from studies in the Czech Republic? **

So maybe the schedule. Each object has a weekly 240 minutes of teaching, one of which is reserved dvouhodinovka theory and more practical dvouhodinovka seminar. But few people like this strictly respected. From the beginning I could not stand any dvouhodinovku, I had to make at least the middle of a small internal pause and think about what you do for lunch. And attendance is mandatory in all subjects. And unlike us, have far less work at home. When we had to write an essay on three sides, everyone there looked like divine passion. While I'm at the Faculty of Social Studies used to reams of text that we read every week, and one seminar after another job … and I have a completely different level grades, there are twenty. If a student has one to nine, failed if, ten to twenty, put it. A study of Plato, one thousand five hundred euros a bachelor's and a thousand euro a master's degree, against which many young people are protesting.

** What about the student life? **

Portuguese, the parson and fun as we do. But they have one trait. The university's stu­dent some strange family, to which he may enter. In the first year may become candidates caloiros will receive a T-shirt to his family and is always one day a week and wear it for the whole year nevyprat. All year the older family members to listen to the word. If you can withstand a variety of strange session associated with the unpleasant task, but after progressing in the hierarchy, instead of t-shirts you have special robes to dress under it, which you can fight, but still remains a dirty habit. It is easy to imagine how the robes worn by months without money … we look erasmáci these conspirators have said Harry Potter.

** Why do not you let the students enjoy? **

We may come to degenerate, but they are looking forward to it often since childhood. Each student clans have close relationships with one another, which usually lasts no longer for life. Sorrowful experience that experience together, for they mean a lot. And stick together not only people of one year, but intimate friends with the older and younger Potter. And when I'm in Harry Potter … Just our university, Rowling for writing inspiration. Our whole school is a confusing maze of strange creatures in robes and one port to the library and a master of Hogwarts staircase.

** They have similar functions as students we need to rag? **

Rag do, but it week in a piece celebrating queima das fitas, where just the oldest students, who already undergoing firing their robes. Does not learn. Drink up, the great glory, streets added Fado concerts on the square is a public program. After the city of parades, caloiros that have passed in their effort to be a full member of his family, and march around in his new robes. Each school is celebrating the end of the academic year and sometimes it happens that students travel to Portugal, which toured all the festivities … and other great feast of Saint John's, the evening based on all the streets to beat over the head with a rubber hammer. Grandmothers, adults, young babies, everyone. Initially the garlic bundles of weapons, but replaced the hammer is that for weeks before the 24th May sell in stores. And there are hundreds – of various shapes and colors. The holiday we introduce in our country!

** You have taken the Portuguese among themselves? **

Not much, I enjoyed the most, as usual, with a different point erasmákama. After three semesters of Portuguese power, I dare to converse with native speakers. So I rather than in Portugal has improved in English conversation. But on the other hand, I have improved tremendously with many passive Portuguese Portuguese literature I read there.

** Are you planning to ever go back there? **

Certainly, the best year yet for the spring, so I managed to buy some books for Bachelors.

Photo source: archive Sarka Pantůčková

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