COMPARISON OF COURSES: Statistics Added:11.3. 2011
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I do not believe the statistics that I myself nezfalšoval, is an alleged statement by Winston Churchill. Whether or not you believe statistics, they are based on scientific studies and political decisions. How do the different fields in which statistics can give?

In a recent „article“:…/nahled/4322 we described the study of statistics. Let us now compare the details of what the different fields at various schools differ.

Masaryk University – Faculty

Field Name **: ** Statistics and Data Analysis

** Filling Mode: ** The study is to provide students with an overview of basic mathematical and statistical and informatics disciplines used in the analysis and processing of mass data. Furthermore, to equip students with the basic skills needed for statistical analysis and computer processing of data files that are needed in various areas of human activity.

** Admission ** „Testing assumptions of learning“:…achelor_test?…

** Application ** Graduates will be well able to understand the basic methods of applied mathematics and statistics and will be able to use modern computer technology. In cooperation with specialists from different disciplines (depending on the focus of another discipline) may participate in solving specific practical problems. Graduates may apply in analysis and processing of mass data. Expected to use the interdisciplinary nature of institutions

** More information ** „“:…/AMr-SAD.htm

Palacky University in Olomouc – Faculty

Field Name **: ** Applied Statistics

** Filling Mode: ** Applied Statistics (formerly Statistical and computer modeling) is focused on the issue of stochastic models in economics, natural, technical and social sciences. Graduate is ready for the creative application of mathematical methods, including statistics on specific practical problems (eg, economics, biology, medicine, quality control, metrology) and to work with statistical software

** Admission ** The entrance test may be tested by interested candidates selected in the study area and beyond grammar school curriculum. Other areas of interest or questions will be sent to candidates for study. In the event that the average grade of the entrance examination subjects at secondary school is less than or equal to 2.00, may be waived entrance exam at the bachelor's degree. More „here“:…maci-rizeni/.

** Application ** Graduates find careers in the field of public administration, teams using advanced statistical procedures in companies, which place emphasis on quality management in marketing and logistics. Graduates of the bachelor's degree are also prepared to study mathematics subsequent Master degree program in Applied Mathematics N1103.

** More information ** „“:…ak_stud3.asp

School of Economics – Faculty of Informatics and Statistics

Field Name **: ** Statistics and Econometrics

** Filling Mode: ** Students receive training in addition to the basic economic specialization in statistics, economics and mathematical methods, mathematical and econometric modeling and informatics.

** Admission ** Entrance Examination in Mathematics and English or German language has the form of two separate written tests. For each test can be achieved up to 100 points. Framework containing the test substance is at the state high school graduation.

The faculty is also possible to get „free trials“:…usek-1-kolo/ if student has passed at least 3 years (ie a minimum of 6 marks on report cards) mathematics and English courses with an average to 2.00 from each subject participated in the show SOC and the Olympics or the national rounds to reach a satisfactory outcome from the test of OSP Scio.

** Application ** Graduates of the program are applied in the state statistical service and research institutes for public opinion, the central economic institutions, business and management departments, data centers, research institutes, etc.

** More information ** „“:…ekonometrie/

Field Name **: ** Statistical Methods in Economics

** Filling Mode: ** Students in this field will gain a basic knowledge of statistics and application of statistical methods in economics. The study is not confined to the statistics. The scope of study is much broader, since it includes a number of economic subjects – demographics, science, law, management and more. It is knowledge of these disciplines in conjunction with statistics provide graduates a great advantage in practice.

** Admission ** see above field

** Application ** Graduates of this field are widely used in commercial insurance companies, pension funds and health insurance, as well as in government and business statistics, in the sphere of financial activities (analytical separation of banks and investment funds), in marketing, consulting and research institutions .

** More information ** „“:…-v-ekonomii/

** Source: ** the school site

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