Plus Career Fair is coming Added:3.3. 2011
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Plus Career Fair is coming

The current university students, but their graduates and other job seekers will soon get another opportunity to get your bearings on the labor market. Coming up is the 8th and 9 March and with it another series of exhibitions devoted to employment – Career Plus. He already holds fourth VSB – Technical University of Ostrava (VSB-TUO).

Real or future applicants to work there have an opportunity to discuss your plans and possibilities of the potential employers, gain valuable contacts, or at least familiar with examples of good practice in human capital development and employment.

Visitors will be able to engage in so-called training development, consisting of hourly consultation, and are held in the afternoon. For example, will focus on communication, presentation and language skills, or can simulate an environment called the Assessment Center. The theme is in full training at the organizing firm. Individual training is necessary before applying online. Another exhibition will form part of the so-called individual meetings to be held each morning. Individual companies are offering students present their own activities and possible forms of cooperation. Before logging students and job seekers will be able to participate in personal interviews also organized related to consultation on a resume and other issues.

PLUS Career Fair is the largest fair of job opportunities in the Region as well as last year and this year organizers expect an attendance of over 100 companies. Take place in the new auditorium of the Technical University of Ostrava, the eighth March will fully include a job fair and the day following the technical conference. On that will address how to help students and graduates to take up the job market and companies obtain qualified staff. More information about the fair can be found „here“:

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Author: Černá, Lucie

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