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Slovak university students based in many ways to meet Added:9.3. 2011
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Slovak university students based in many ways to meet

Studying at university and you are one who must pay tuition fees? Hang your head, you may lend university endowments. Do you need advice with a centralized electronic application? You can soothe your soul in the university pastoral center. Read more in addition to the Slovak language of instruction differs from the study of higher education in this country.

Give me back my tuition!

Obligation to pay fees is not mandatory for the Slovak Republic each student. In terms of the Act, each entitled to one free ** ** studies in full-time study and standard length at each level of higher education. The condition is, however, that the registration or adoption occurred after 1 September 2007, because from that date, the student can decide which high school where they apply and which not. So who pays tuition? Examples are external (external students), students who manage to study at two universities at the same time, or those who for whatever reason, a study completed and started new ones. The law may seem somewhat restrictive, but Slovakia has several options to address potential financial distress. Before the introduction of tuition fees at universities there ** ** Foundation, which supported and still support students who for example due to the social status they need financial assistance. The search is also quite an elaborate system of scholarships **. ** It is also possible that the confusion in the law was changed to an official error and the student has paid, even if had to. In this case, there is the possibility to request a refund of tuition. All site provides important information „Školné.sk“:

One application for all

Slovakia is not the way their students trying to simplify education. In doing so, we can consider the government's ef­forts to create a centralized electronic application ** ** for college. Central development project supported by the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport SR and its aim is to unify the administration of logging and the admissions process and creating a transparent environment for prospective students at universities. Simply put, everything fast, easy, and especially together online **. ** Pilot operation of the project was launched in 2009, when he attended three high schools. To date, however, failed to establish full cooperation with all Slovak universities. Even those who are fully involved in participation in the project, still require simultaneously sending the paper application. According to recent information should now be possible to complete the application for all undergraduate courses accredited in the Slovak Republic.

Religion still plays a strong role in Slovak

Zumba straight from the Mass

Finally, something positive. In the Czech atheist conditions (like highlights how) we've come to marginalize the religious affairs as possible away from scientific research and statistics show a decreasing number of believers. It might come as surprise if our high schools to create an active pastoral center **. ** For some Slovak universities is but a matter of course. As an example, here we will activities ** University Pastoral Centre St. Joseph Freinademetze ** at the Comenius University in Bratislava. This organization is definitely not some elite club and outdoor museum, but rather a center that provides recreation (furniture, tea, peace on learning), entertainment (games, ballroom dancing), sports (table tennis, Zumba) and of course spiritual tones (option Prayer in the Chapel). Students may also attend Mass, take advantage of the confession or spiritual counseling, attend evening prayers, as well as premarital preparation. And it certainly is not enough.

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