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Dean at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine appoints four new chief Added:1.3. 2011
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Dean at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine appoints four new chief

Press news

Prof. DVM. Alois Necas, Ph.D., MBA, Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Veterinary University in Brno, on 1 March named to the position of four new head of the institute. New heads were appointed in the broader organizational changes, designed in particular to significantly boost the international status of the faculty.

The main task of the newly appointed chairmen, knowledgeable experts in their fields, will be significant work to meet the criteria required for an international evaluation. The new head of the Institute of Parasitology and pathological morphology of the FVL VFU Brno became Assoc. DVM. David Blue, Ph.D., Department of diseases of ruminants and pigs will prof. DVM. Jiri Smola, PhD. Institute of Infectious Diseases and Microbiology, gets a new precedence in the person of Prof.. DVM. František Treml, CSc. and the head of clinical laboratories for large animals stand Assoc. DVM. Illek Joseph, PhD.

** Assoc. DVM. David Blue, Ph.D. ** New Head of the Institute of Pathological morphology and parasitology FVL VFU Brno is a graduate of the University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical, completed doctoral degree program – the field of veterinary parasitology. At present professor of management at the Veterinary University in Brno. In the past also worked as a researcher in the Institute of Parasitology ASCR, is teaching and research publications. Carries out unique research in infectious diseases around the world and was awarded the bronze medal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for international research activities. He is a member of the Czech Parasitology, American Society of Parasitologists and the Scientific Council of the Institute of Parasitology.

** Professor. DVM. Jiri Smola, PhD .** The newly appointed Head of Department of diseases of ruminants and pigs act as a teacher at the Veterinary University of completing his studies in 1974. In both teaching and research activities devoted to the field of veterinary microbiology, where he qualified and was appointed professor. In professional work is primarily devoted to the issue of using antibiotics to treat bacterial infections of animals. Research Results presents regularly at international symposia and congresses. In the past also served as First Vice-President of the Main Committee of the Czechoslovak Microbiological Society, acts as deputy chairman of the Brno regional committee of the company.

** Professor. DVM. Franz Treml, CSc .** Head of the Institute of Infectious Diseases and Microbiology, is a graduate of the University of Veterinary Medicine in Brno, in 2002 he was appointed professor of "Infectious diseases, epidemiology and pathological morphology. He is a member of the Czechoslovak Microbiological Society and a wide range of scientific advice. The professional activity is focused on bacterial infections mostly natural outbreaks, which have the character agents. Has considerable experience in the diagnosis of mycobacterial infections and some other important zoonoses. Actively participates in many scientific conferences abroad.

** Assoc. DVM. Joseph Illek, MD .** Head of Clinical Laboratories for large animals graduated from the Veterinary Faculty of Agriculture in Brno, in 1997 he was appointed associate professor for the field of livestock diseases, and in 1988 received the degree of Doctor of Science (DrSc.) at the Veterinary University in Brno, in 2007, diplomats ECBHM title. Is teaching, research and professional activities. He has 68 scientific publications with IF and 200 research papers. The president of the Czech buiatrické Society and a member of a number of professional committees and professional societies.

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