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How to apply abroad for higher studies Added:18.3. 2011
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How to apply abroad for higher studies

Czech students have one great advantage: free education. In many other countries because you can acquire title to the long debt. What about fees for study in other EU countries and where to go for the title, you do not have to pay?

Czech students can study for free four years Bachelor's degree and three years for master's degree. Pay for the study only if they reach the age of 26 years, it exceeds the standard period of study by more than a year, or when studying more schools and one of them is complete. If you would like to get a degree abroad, you do not need to surrender this advantage – you can choose to study a country where tuition fees are not required.

** ** The Nordic countries

Payment to avoid such fees in all „the Nordic countries:…skol0031.htm. "Denmark“: fully to finance higher education in state schools, and all European Union citizens. Most Danish schools is also a long tradition of teaching in English.

A similar situation is also in „Finland“: or „Sweden“: – Applicants from other parts of Europe are free throughout the study. If you already have an undergraduate degree and choose to graduate from her Master's degree „within the“ Erasmus Mundus Scholarships ":…doc72_en.htm, you get extra relatively generous scholarship, which ranges between 10 000 – 23 000 € for your entire stay. Although the study itself is free to obtain visas for both countries must demonstrate that it possesses a certain amount of money designated for living expenses, in Finland is € 500 per month and in Sweden 7300 SEK (approx. 20 000 CZK) per month (roughly the following amounts correspond to the cost of living). In Sweden you can get student loan from the government, unless you plan on graduating in the country to stay.

Neither the „Norway“: no exception, He not only foreign students speak English and pay no tuition fees but also have the opportunity to acquire a variety of scholarships, or in compliance with the criteria needed loan from the Norwegian government in The project „The Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund“:…-Loan-Fund-/.

It should be borne in mind that although the study itself is free in the Nordic countries, living costs are disproportionately higher than in the Czech Republic.

** Germany and Austria **

Especially if you understand German, you can lure some of the studies in our neighboring countries. The „Austria“:…y-in-austria currently charges a minimum, the future is considering introducing them. If you are from the European Union and Austria want to obtain an academic degree, you only pay for the study when more than a year past the proper time for study, in which case it is € 364 per semester.

In „Germany“:…ny-de.0.html depends on what college you choose. In some regions, the study of charges and the fees vary, they are generally an amount of around € 500 per semester. Help with the payment you can help, for example DAAD scholarship program.

** Country ** Romance

in „France“: http://www.studyineurope. eu / study-in-France for the study is valid, but the amount is relatively low. The bachelor's degree is by 169 € for the academic year, the future engineers then pay € 538 medical students and around 450 € a year. The Master's program will pay € 226 every year, and if you decide on a doctorate, you expect payment of € 342. At private universities, the level of tuition fees can reach up to 6000 € per year. In France, it is better to reckon with the need knowledge of French. Over twenty thousand foreign students Master's and PhD programs every year receives a scholarship directly from the French Government, other students can solve the problem through bank loans.

In „Spain“: fee is calculated from a single credit. In the past it was about € 9.50 – € 16 per credit in undergraduate study, 21 € – 30 € credit for a master's degree and up to 52 € per credit for doctoral studies. The price increases if you have the same subject for failure to register a second or third time.

In Italy the price of one academic year varies according to the University and ranges between 800 € – 1500 € per year.

** Great Britain and Ireland **

in „Britain“: for citizens of the European Union maximum fee £ 3,145 per year and the average around three thousand pounds (about 85 000 CZK). Its debt, which does not count any interest, but you pay only after completion of study and achieve a certain amount of annual income, while you can take a student loan for living costs. Free EU citizens can study at some universities in Scotland. In „Ireland“: is studying for Europeans as well as free, but you must pay a registration fee of € 900.

** Other countries **

Studying for free except you have already mentioned the country such as Greece, Hungary, Luxembourg and Slovenia. Belgian universities have recently begun to require students to charge 500 € per year in the Netherlands, the price of an academic year, around 1000 to 1500 €, but may in some fields and climb much higher, while in Switzerland, foreign students pay from 750 to 3000 € per semester according to the study program. In Iceland, as well as in Spain pays for the credits, one credit is the 1930 to 1960 €.

** Financial Assistance **

Whether you opt for any country, you need not despair when you have met the criteria for obtaining government and school grants or loans. You can also refer to any international organization. You can get scholarships through programs such as Erasmus: and „Leonardo da Vinci:…eonardo.php3, a loan may be be obtained within the organization "International­­.“:

** Useful Links **

„Http://www.stu­“: „Http://study­“:

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