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Student Chamber of Council of Higher Education, or What is it? Added:4.3. 2011
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Student Chamber of Council of Higher Education, or What is it?

Czech higher education system is such a small state within a state: it has its hierarchy, its rules and consists of many sub-bodies to ensure its operation or representing the interests of certain groups. One such local government bodies is also a Student Association Council of Universities (SK RVS).

Whose interests such chamber represents, it is evident from its title: its mission is to bring together representatives from all types of colleges and primarily defend the interests and rights of students. Its scope is nationwide. IF we should include in the structure of the higher education system, comes the chamber, along with other authorities in the Higher Education Council (see Article VIII of the Statute of the Higher Education Council). Czech students, while representing only in domestic matters, school problems (for example, participates in the meetings held on the grounds of Parliament or government communicates with the various ministries, especially Ministry of Education (MoE) and other public authorities, with the Czech Chamber of rectors, etc.). but also operate at the international level. It is in the Student Chamber of the Czech students have the authority, which may represent in the negotiations with the EU institutions and other multinational forces. The Chamber also works well with other student organizations such as the European Students Union, The European Council of Doctoral Candidates and Junior Researchers, students' representation of the Visegrad Four, etc.

Engage the students themselves may also

Meeting facilities may affect to some extent themselves „ordinary“ students – for example, that come with any suggestions, questions or solutions to specific problems. "SK RVŠ gives students who are interested in higher education issues, to participate in the co-decision on important matters. This I consider one of the biggest benefits SK RVS, the possibility of participation, "says Adam Krčál delegate of the University of Economics in Prague. The most common partner for negotiations, in particular the Ministry of Education. And thanks to the Chamber may also work closely with subordinate Accreditation Commission and is actively involved in assessing the quality of higher education.  

== Organizational Structure

Any college student may enter the chamber always send one delegate and one alternate. Their term of office is three years. At present there are 37 delegates in SK. The short lines SK Chairman and two Vice-Presidents are further complemented by the Commission, Chairman of the private universities and two members of the Bureau RVŠ. Joint meeting of the Chamber must, in the Organizational Rules held at least four times a year, but in fact take place more often. "Regular meetings are once per month GB. It is one of the most missing organs throughout the Higher Education Council. Furthermore, in the meantime, the Bureau meets SK. The chamber also has a sub-committee, whose members are in addition to the external members themselves, if they have to say what the commission's ac­tivities. Much of the CS members in addition to membership on committees involved in the work of those committees that operate under its own RVs, "explains the organizational structure Krčál.  

Students on the activities of the Chamber not know very much

Czech higher education in general suffers under Krčál fairly low student participation in local government and the relatively small interest in the internal affairs of the school, as they are needed in the academic senate elections, etc. In so doing, it is also related to their lack of interest in Chamber activities. Personally, but notes an increasing interest mainly for those students who have somehow run the school themselves personally involved. Similarly, it sees Michael Rudecký, seconded by SK RVŠ Tomas Bata University in Zlín. According to him, students with appropriate topics for discussion do not come too often, instead, it is rather a question of how the negotiations were conducted and what is dealt. „It is rather due to the fact that the student is remote organization ', which is more familiar,“ says Rudecký, adding: „It is therefore necessary to bring students RVŠ SK, draw them into action.“  

It's about communication

Low interest from students about what is happening in SK RVŠ can not be directly linked with the fact that the Chamber is on its activities under-informed. "We have a spokesperson, SK RVŠ issues press releases, our website, where you can find detailed information about the work. Then of course every member of the Chamber's task is to transmit information on events in SK RVŠ at your school. I for example through membership of the Academic Senate, of course, in regular contact with other students, "says Krčál. I Rudecký Michael tries to their school than students communicate. "We regularly giving information on každoměsíčním TBU Academic Senate, I have my website where I write short minutes of meetings SK RVs, I have my Facebook page, where you write the report of the hearing. Hitting a large number of students. But anyway I enjoy the most personal contact when things carbide RVŠ discussing at lunch in school. I try to use as many communication channels that are in my power. "  

The current negotiations controlling project financial assistance

Currently faces a number of SK RVŠ not always easy targets. Many of them follow the current problems of higher education policy, often initiated and designed by the Ministry of Education. "I consider particularly important for the preparation of the Law on financial aid to students, to provide study grants and create a structure for student loans. Furthermore, such principles and rules for financing higher education for 2012, which is a clear shift from quantitative indicators toward those qualitative, "says Krčál. As one of the most important points that are currently in the solution, see the issue of financial assistance to students also Rudecký, which also operates in the Commission for Social and Economic Affairs. "This project will fundamentally influence the way of study at universities. We therefore comment on what specific as possible to avoid burdening the program to university students more than necessary. At the same time we monitor very carefully preparing for the reform of tertiary education, the Minister Dobes wants to submit to the government in late October, "he adds. If the Chamber can provide for students the most favorable conditions, will show up next month.

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