Schools already have a test graduation tests Added:4.3. 2011
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Schools already have a test graduation tests

High schools and vocational schools have received training graduation tests in compulsory subjects, namely the Czech language and literature, foreign languages ​​and mathematics, as well as a training award from the written works of Czech and foreign languages. Are accessed through an information system CERMATu. This year's seniors to get another opportunity to talk to their teachers to try again, which form a common part of the new graduation test type can be expected.

Providing practice tests and written work assignment of subjects to the compulsory tests of the common maturity in the two levels of difficulty in continuing cooperation with the Ministry CERMATem HELP3 in the program.

Practice tests were initially released only to a training school for testing students, and only with authorized access to the information of school CERTIS. The scheme will run until 22 March and only then will enter the practice tests and written work made available for free use on Web pages The reason for this measure is to protect the content of written tests and assignment of work so that their use in schools provide teachers and their pupils as an objective statement about the level of knowledge and skills tested. Along with the tests were released the keys right solutions, the results of exercises or illustrative tests and written work will not be evaluated centrally. Test documentation is provided free to schools.

Source: Ministry of Education press release ":…y-z-predmetu

Author: Černá, Lucie

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