Palacky University is still accepting applications for certain subjects! Added:6.3. 2011
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Palacky University is still accepting applications for certain subjects!

Deadline for applications to study certain subjects announced by St. Cyril and Methodius Theological Faculty of the Palacky University in Olomouc (UP CMTF) was extended until the end of March ** **. The extended deadline applies to both undergraduate and masters degree programs:

  • Catholic Theology (Master's full-time study)
  • Social Education (full-and part-time undergraduate stu­dy)

Theological Science * (BA Combined Studies)

  • Religion is focusing on education and catechesis (BA Combined Studies)
  • Theology and Spirituality of Consecrated Life (BA Combined Studies)
  • Theological science (Master's studies combined)
  • Religion Teacher for Primary Schools + catechesis (combined master's degree)
  • Spiritual and Christian formation of adults (combined master's degree)
  • International humanitarian and social work (Master's full-time)
  • Charitable and social work (Master's full-and part-time study)

For more information about admission to the various fields of study visit „CMTF UP:…maci-rizeni/, information on study subjects then“ this site ": http:// /…akulta/cmtf/.

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