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President Vaclav Klaus, University of Pardubice teaches students to launch two decades of economic reform Added:3.3. 2011
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President Vaclav Klaus, University of Pardubice teaches students to launch two decades of economic reform

Press news

On Thursday 3 March morning, the chairman of the Czech President Vaclav Klaus said the students of the University of Pardubice lecture focused on the economic transformation which began two decades ago.

Lecture followed by discussions will take place between 10 – 11:30 pm in the Auditorium Building B1 DB in the Student Street in 1995 in the university campus (the object of Jan Perner Transport Faculty, Pardubice – Polabiny).

The occasion of the 20th anniversary of the start of radical reforms in the Republic in January 1991 will not speak to the students of the Faculty of Economics and Management, who discussed issues of economic deregulation, liberalization of prices and foreign trade, regulating the macroeconomic situation, particularly inflation, creating a market structure, ownership transformation, ie privazitace similar subjects in the curriculum of summer semester courses in economic and financial management of macroeconomics. Invited to a lecture are all college students and academic staff from all seven faculties of the University of Pardubice.

After the lecture, the President will sign in the lobby of the building DB candidates of their books, which were recently issued. (Books can be purchased either in a university campus store in the script or via e-shop publishing University of Pardubice, where appropriate, will be available for purchase directly to the site.)

Candidates would have happened not get directly into the lecture hall B1, will be able to watch a lecture video transmission also in the secondary classroom B2.

Live webcast will also be broadcast via the Internet at the main university web site

Photo opportunity for media – on arrival at approximately 9:30 or 11:30 in the lecture book signing books Vaclav Klaus – DB Building, Student 95, University campus, Pardubice – Polabiny.

Vaclav Klaus to visit the University of Pardubice for the sixth time: In November 1996 he had as Prime Minister gave a speech at a lecture hall on the square Cs. legion. In September 2000 he attended the University of Pardubice, the Chairman of the Chamber of Deputies the climax of the celebrations of fifty years of higher education in Pardubice and the baptism of the new insignia of the University of Pardubice. In May 2003, Pardubice discussed with the undergraduates in the university auditorium had become President of the Czech Republic on one of the first visits in the area after his first election. In December 2005, the president came during his next visit to the Pardubice Region Litomysl on – then the youngest faculty of the University – Faculty of restoration. In September 2009, Ernest was in the auditorium of Pardubice discussions with students in their next visit to the Pardubice region and looked at the newly built modern premises of the Faculty of Chemical Technology.

Ing. Valerie Wágnerová Chancellor – University Yard spokesman Phone 466 036 555, e-mail

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