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Technical education and competitiveness in the VSB-TUO Added:3.3. 2011
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Technical education and competitiveness in the VSB-TUO

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The link between education and competitiveness is more than obvious. At a time when industrial companies claim that their future meet one thousand engineering graduates, it is clear that it had not bet on cheap labor, but should offer much more.

The VSB-Technical University of Ostrava, the number of graduates from master's degree is equal to about 2.1 thousand and the third studied economics. The problem is that many technicians finished study does not work in your field

"We offer an educated and creative people. Already, major companies such as CEZ, Siemens, Skoda Auto and many others report that they lack in the coming ten years, 14,000 technicians. It looks like good news for technical colleges. There is a clear demand and this could increase the interest in studying these disciplines, "says Rector, VSB-TUO Ivo Vondrak.

That enthusiasm quickly subside in time, if you find that last year completed (as reported by the Education Policy Centre), Czech Republic, around 10,000 engineers! It is true that they are using the same database, 1200 records remained in office as unemployed. Despite this negative number for the last three years is increasing, but this means that this requirement could be filled with industry. But there is talk that the new engineers are technically proficient, and little is given by the technical schools teach more economical than those of technical disciplines. Work technique is difficult and apparently less well paid, and it lacks prestige.

"The future of education must design and implement such measures to encourage an interest in working in industries that historically (engineering, energy and similar) or to promote new (information technology) forms the core of the economic prosperity of our country. Industry and universities must find for himself much deeper relationship of mutual trust and cooperation than is presently the case. At this point it appears that our high school manage to solve this problem. The last number refers to the fact that in 2009 the total volume of CZK 96 million marketing contract research contracts generated 30 million, while in 2010 the figure rose to 126 million with a total share of science and research CZK 65 million. The straightening of the successful countries, particularly Scandinavia, but still lagging behind, "added the rector Ivo Vondrak.

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