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When linking academics with experience - working at Masaryk University and the Festival Cinema Mundi Added:7.3. 2011
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When linking academics with experience - working at Masaryk University and the Festival Cinema Mundi

Instead of translation, which ends only on the teacher's desk, the students embarked on translating language subtitles for Oscar movies. The project, which combined the Philosophical Faculty of Masaryk University and the International Film Festival Cinema Mundi, a coordinator for Project Athena Alchadizu.

It all started a year ago, when the cinema in Glasgow won first festival Cinema Mundi. Spectators offered non-English language films, which in that year competed for the Oscar awards. The honorary guest of the festival was when the Chilean director and writer Miguel Littín to the program with students besedoval Romance. Meeting the highly praised, which was inspired by the fact that for the next year to deepen cooperation with university students.

And the result? Autumn translation seminars in which students prepare subtitles for the second year foreign language film festival. Above all the work vigilant assistant professor of the Institute of Romance Languages ​​and Literatures Alchazidu Athena.

** Students had experience in translating film subtitles before they embarked on a collaboration with Cinema Mundi? **

To my knowledge, no. I suspect that our colleagues from the French philology and his students translated the movie, but then it was to penetrate into the language of youth slang, and not to the issue of subtitling. Therefore, it was for the vast majority of students a new experience. We invite you therefore to Brno experts to students at seminars explaining the specifics of the translation of titles and handed them their experiences. I mention such a renowned translator of Anna Karenina, expert in translation from French. We have also held joint meetings so that we could exchange experiences with each other and present their work.

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  • Dean of the Faculty of Arts of Masaryk University with Josef Krob coordinator of Athena Alchazidu .*

** How have the biggest challenges students face in translating? **

A well-made movie subtitles should be able to absorb a sense of the scene. And so, without forcing the viewer to read too much and ignore the details in the image, which may be crucial to the story part. Dialogues of the characters are often encountered in the realities of the country, which we may be completely unknown. Students had to find information about customs, which often did not know anything, and sensitivity is to make intelligible to Czech audience. Besides translations, therefore, our students are well prepared this tutorial introductions to the projections. On some of the cultural specificities of the region's first audience, explaining to viewers away from movie-quality experience.

** So the transfer of students' work is not over for subtitles? **

Ended. At our faculty to educate future translators and interpreters, and educators. In addition to the main festival program provides schools with a special screening of talks, which are directed by our students. They worked out the worksheets, which is devoted to films. These worksheets should stimulate discussion on important issues to be addressed in the film. For example, in the movie Illegally is a central theme of immigration. They suspect high school, what is the difference between the immigrant and immigrant? What they say is freedom? Answers to these questions are given during the discussions after the screenings space. Our students have the opportunity through discussions to test their teaching skills and connect with their studies and other social science disciplines.

** The Internet is full of amateur titles, which can be downloaded free of charge to most foreign films. What do you think about their quality? **

I myself with very limited experience, but I will say it that way. Good subtitles would, like any good translation should accurately work with both the original language and the language into which they translate. Students point out that while not studying the Czech language, must be concerned not only about improving language skills in a foreign language, but should also be able to adequately express in their own language, which must be cultivated.

** Will collaboration with the Festival continue? **

It is still early for these arguments, but I hope so. It was an invaluable experience for students and for us teachers. Workshops with students of translation across languages, we had very stimulating discussions. Students themselves have demonstrated during these trouble spots translations. It was interesting to look for work if faced with a different language. That link departments, which typically do not work together, it was very inspiring. And I was surprised by the enthusiastic response of students. They sent me a thank-you emails for the project to attend.

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