University launched a new Bachelor degree: Sales Manager Added:9.3. 2011
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University launched a new Bachelor degree: Sales Manager

University of Economics Prague (VSE) announced a new Bachelor degree in a combined form of study named business executive **. ** Accredited is in the Faculty of International Relations (FMV). In total, the school for the academic year 2011/2012 its candidates offers 23 accredited bachelor programs in the form of full-time and two branches in the combined form.

FMV opening new branch responds to the current situation on the labor market, which is increasingly important complement to education in later life. New Field of Study Manager is a business just because a study designed primarily for work. The program was created in collaboration with the Association of Commerce and Tourism is focused mainly on staff at middle management level who need to complete higher education and gain new knowledge relevant to current business needs.

Graduates will gain expertise in the field of retailing, in the management of business operations, creating business networks, assortment management, collaboration with business partners and management staff. Among the subjects under study include the retail marketing, retail management, business in the EU, business law, communication skills training and team management, Information Management and Corporate Finance.

Contact the study will take the form of three-day camp (Friday to Sunday) once a month. A substantial part of the study are also e-learning and multimedia tools to facilitate self-study. Applications to the field will be given ** 1 30 April 2011 **.

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Source: University press release

Author: Černá, Lucie

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