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Summer Tip: volunteer work in Northern Ireland Added:28.3. 2011
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Summer Tip: volunteer work in Northern Ireland

Veronica Matoušová spent three months as a volunteer working with disabled people in Northern Ireland. What is it like to work in the community Camphillského movement?

In the first year of college I wanted to try to practice my new knowledge from the study of visual art and special education. I waited a long summer that I really did not want to spend a boring brigade. My friend in high school have left for summer vacation to the community in Northern Ireland, where a volunteer care for people with intellectual disabilities. I succumbed to her colorful stories about the great outdoors and even more beautiful people and asked her to contact.

In Northern Ireland, near Belfast, is one of the rural communities Camphillského movement. In these communities, which can be found all over the world, nuclear family living together, clients with disabilities and volunteers from around the world. This movement seeks to develop traditions and keep in touch with nature. The workshops are usually grown traditional crafts and manufacturing processes with emphasis on the most intensive work instead of machines. One of the workshops is a relatively frequent textile workshop. At that I decided to volunteer, too.

Weaving is for villagers, as clients with disabilities, says a very popular activity. It allows them to mechanical repetition, which gives them reassurance and confirmation of their abilities. But due to changing patterns and colors is possible to sufficiently mobilize, train their creativity, flexibility and ability to adapt.

I met people from all over the world

I'm in the workshop initially helped in creating scarves, sewing buttons, etc. Later, other volunteers taught me to sew on the sewing machine and started sewing bags of various stripes woven materials. But just as important was „only“ to be with the villagers.

After six days of work followed the expected day off, a space for traveling, visiting local pubs (often with live Irish music), or perhaps lazing in the garden with new friends from around the world.

In many places, I also looked directly to my local family, because every Saturday we set off on a trip by car. However, if the weather was nice. And it is in Ireland upršeném always a little surprising.

And the best part is that for over three months of the best vacations I became only the cost of your ticket to Ireland. Otherwise, all paid by my community, including pocket money.

Author: Veronica Matousova

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